August 2, 2013

game changer, name changer

Today marks 3 weeks until the eve of my wedding.
Did ya get that part? The part where the weeks go by super fast so 3 weeks feels like 3 days. 3 minutes! No, 3 seconds! Anyways, it'll be here before I know it and I don't I know that, mmhmm.
That's a silhouette Freddie/Emily cake topper in the works, btdubs. 

This all means that I have 3 weeks left of being a Moore. Well, not being a Moore since I'll always be a Moore with Moore blood flowing through my veins. 3 weeks left of being called a Moore. Of getting to use obnoxious Moore jokes out the wa-freaking-zoo. It's a weird thing to think about, changing one's name. A new signature! New initials! New last name jokes to think of! The possibilities are endless (but really, are there even any good jokes with Weiss? Wanh wanh). 

Actually, Fredster did made the joke that we'd be Tweiss As Fun. Ehhh, anyone?? No?

So, in honor of the changing of my last name, I present to you:

Top 3 Reasons being a Moore is moore fun:

Numba 1 is the obvious one of the jokes. I've only mentioned that 20 times in the post already and I'll probably mention it 20 moore time. HEY-OH! Look, I snuck one in on you there. I'm telling you, these jokes can be made on the daily. On the minute-ly. They never ever get old (just ask all my friends..okay, maybe don't ask them). Jokes are moore fun and you know it. The end. 
Freddie is saying We'll be tweiss as fun and I'm giggling and saying What moore could we want?!

Number 2 is a little less obvious, but still equally as fun. 
In high school, my name went from Emily C. Moore to Emily C. Moore Butts. 
Blurry cell phone pic and go. I ran a race a few years ago and my friends made me a "We want to C. Moore Butts" sign. 

HA! See how funny that is? Amiright? For the past 8 years, my nickname has been C. Moore Butts. And I can't say I'm mad about it because it's funny and you know it. 

Number 3 is cheesy corny but still goodises.
Because being called a Moore meant having the same name as all these people. My people! My crazy think we're funny but maybe aren't that funny people. And I love 'em. 
Thanks for letting me have your name for the past 24 years or so.
Time to get Weiss.
Moore Weiss = Moore Fun.

Anyone ready to gag themselves because of all the terrible name jokes?


Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

I'm getting a new last name in just over 2 months. I need to get out my notebooks and start doodling! I'm going from 4 letters to 9 letter. Big changes!

And I think the whole new last name thing is majorly fun. I've always been excited to have a name as a family.

And So I Did said...

I JUST got a new name. I went from Morgan, where no jokes are made to Iiams... like the dog food. Except that NO ONE can spell it right, including the Social Security office... I'm Limes, Dimes, Rimes,
ANYTHING but Iiams.

Wish I was part of the Iams dog food fortune... that'd be cool.

Kodi Jensen said...

Eeeee! Three weeks! THREE WEEKS! I am so excited for you!


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