August 21, 2013

writing vows vs. writing blogs

Writing blogs is a whole lot different than writing vows.
Or so I thought as I sat down bound and determined to write some sweet and sappy wedding vows. 

I brainstormed. I thought of stories and dates and jokes and all things sentimental. I tried to think of analogies, but that went as well as sticking one's foot in a pile of fire ants.

See?? Analogies are a no-go up in this brain. 

I ended up writing them on a Sunday afternoon as I lounged on my couch, where Fredster and I have lounged together many a time. People kept telling me to just write from your heart, speak from your heart, just start writing and it will flow out

Joke's on me because all those people could have said I told ya so after it took me a hot (hot meaning short here) second to form my thoughts and feelings into three little(ish) paragraphs. Ya know when you're wallowing in self pity saying Woe is me! I have nothing to blog about today! Life is terrible! (only me?) and then BAM you get an idea and BAM suddenly you have the longest blog post you've ever written and it only took 3 minutes for you to type up that mother so stop complaining? Yeah, that's kind of how that Sunday afternoon of writing the vows went. 

Then comes the second guessing. Then comes the will people like it?! Are my jokes lame?! Do I have a good mix of serious and funny?! Am I crazy? Is this sweet enough? I need some serious editing up in here! Help me! Woe is me! Not this all over again!

Ohmigosh, lightbulb moment. Ding! That's when I realized writing wedding vows is exactly like writing a blog. It's my space where I get to say what I want and how I feel and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. My vows don't have to be 100% serious because when am I 100% serious? When has my relationship with Freddie ever been without laughs? 

The answer is never. We laugh. We tease. We joke. It's kind of a big deal. Laughs McGees, over here.
Oh what? This is a terrible example of us having fun because it just looks like we're miserable? Just go with it. Look how much fun they're having!

So maybe my vows won't be traditional in the way that some rando made up what is and is not considered traditional. And maybe my vows won't make people cry. And people my vows won't make people laugh.

But they're my vows to my almost (SHUT UP!) husband and they mean big things to me. To us. And to our future.

Now...time for me to go do another rough draft...


And So I Did said...

I say the more person and less 'ordinary' the better. People LOVE to hear your original thoughts, and the emotion will be apparent whether you're laughing or crying. :) It's your day. If you like it, then that's how it should be!

I'm glad they ended up coming easily to you! :)

Helene in Between said...

ohh i don't know how you write vows. that sounds like the hardest thing ever

Kayla Peveler said...

When I sat down to write my personal vows to Caleb, it just kind of happened. Sure, there were a few "rough drafts" but, it ended up perfect. It was funny, serious, emotional, uplifting, happy...all things that would describe me anyway. So, it turned out amazing...and I know yours will too :)

Ashley said...

They'll be perfect, Em! I love that about vows...they are "you". They don't have to be traditional. I would expect nothing less than a fun, heartfelt vow from you!

Meg {henninglove} said...

write the vows that you want to say to your husband whether people think you should write more traditional ones or not, it is your vows and the important things you want to say to your husband.

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

We wrote our own vows...I was pretty stressed out about it at first. But ultimately I just wrote what I wanted to say to him and him alone, forget that there's an audience and whether or not you need to be "traditional". It's about you two and nobody else...I think it's great you're writing your own, so much more personal and meaningful!



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