August 9, 2013

on having the best excuse

When one's wedding is officially 2 weeks away (shut. the. front. freaking. door.), one can do certain things that one might not usually do on the reg

A typical day 2 weeks out from the wedding begins peacefully, just as you might expect. Throw in some wedding crafting, some wedding planning, some wedding fire putting out, some more putting out of said fire(s), some wanting wine, some drinking wine, some more planning, and some sleeping. It also includes...

Buying wedding bands and proposing to Frederick. I picked up his ring and sent this picture with the caption Will you marry me? Freddie responded with I didn't know I could just propose in a text message. That would have been easier. Sure, why not!


Researching ways to make your own silhouette cake topper since buying a custom one costs an arm and a leg and 2 fingers. I'd say for about $10 worth of supplies, this silhouette cake topper is fab.u.lous.
Isn't that the name of a rapper or something? No? Anyways, it is the name of my new cake topper.

Now this, drinking wine at 3ish pm, this is when the whole wedding being 2 weeks away thing works wonders as a good excuse reason. And I plan on milking it for all it's worth up until it is..maybe 3 hours before the wedding? All I know is that a glass of white wine can put out a whole lotta wedding fires.

Yes, please, and thank you!

Anything important I'm missing?


Helene said...

you have permission to drink wine all day. start at 8 am if you'd like. eeeek 2 weeks!

Kayla Peveler said...

ALLDAYURRDAYYY! ;) get it girl. You will be SUCH a beautiful bride, ma'am!

Amanda Rose said...

I agree with Helene! Drink away! A glass of wine a day keeps the crazies away!

Amanda Rose

Cece said...

That wedding band is gorgeous! My guy wanted a plain old silver band. And he proposed to me in text message. I still laugh about it to this day!!


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