February 5, 2013

in. sane.

Well, folks, life has a way of changing course really really quickly. So I decided that Tell Me About It Tuesday was as good a day as any to tell y'all a story about life. 

Story time! Come over to the reading mat and sit criss cross applesauce, mmkay?

Once Upon a Time there was a man named Freddie(friend).
 This picture is my favorite. And makes my heart melt into 5000 pieces. That face! I just wanna smack a big 'ole kiss on it. 

Freddie worked hard. He was tired a. lot. 

One summer Freddie and Emily (hey, that's me!) visited Charleston and Charleston was quite the host. Beaches, glorious food, beaches, history, fun, etc. Freddie kind of fell in love with Charleston, but I mean, who wouldn't?! You totally would.

Freddie really wanted to move there. Mostly so he could do stuff like this in the ocean all the time...

Well fast forward seven months and Freddie got a phone interview for a job in Charleston. That phone interview turned into an in person interview. And that interview turned into....


That is the text I got right as I was going in to teach for the morning. WHAT WHAT WHAT?!

Saying that I am proud of Freddie is only the biggest understatement of the year. I am SO proud! (Adding the word "so" before proud totally makes it better, right?) He went out there, put himself out there, and now he is putting himself right where he wants to be, in Charleston, starting in two weeks. Two weeks, people! Two weeks from today Fredster will no longer be in the ATL. The other night he pointed out that his start date is exactly two years from the day we met. Is that crazy or what?! And let me tell you, it is definitely crazy and not or what. Freddie keeps saying that this all feels surreal. I just keep saying it is insane. This is the face of an excited Freddiefriend...
and an excited for FF, Emilyfriend. 

Freddie, you are the sexiest knees on the hottest bee. And I'm glad that these people think so too. I bet they think exactly that about you, too. I cannot wait to see your overly excited smilin' face in Charleston. I bet that face will be nice and sunny too which is kind of the best. Which means you're kind of the best.

Now excuse me, we have two weeks of celebrating left to do over in these parts. 

Helene in Between


Staci said...

That's so exciting! I LOVE Charleston! I'll be there next weekend for my bachelorette party wahoo! And I am also an Atlanta resident so wahoo!

Ashley said...

Ummm...you need to move with Freddie. Yep...it's been decided. (and you two kinda look really cute together..just friends?)

I fell in love with Charleston also when I went. THE perfect place!

Kodi Jensen said...

Yeyyyyyy! Yey. Just yey. I am super excited for him/you!

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

"you are the sexiest knees on the hottest bee."...I nearly hurt myself laughing at that line! Congrats to Freddie! Does that mean you're moving too...inquiring minds want to know?!?

Nosaj Tdimhcs said...

You are perfectly adorable!


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