July 31, 2013

july, you mighty fine

In each of these Favorite Things posts I usually make some comment about how quickly the month went by and Can you believe it?! Insert that comment here. Then I make some clever (clever, in my mind) play on words about something Favorite Thing-y/Sound of Music-y. Insert Julie Andrews singing here.

July brought lots of things. Like my birthday, my brother visiting, the end of my teaching in Atlanta era, and (drumroll, please) some new bloggity followers.

Whoa, now, don't go judging my lil follower numba over there. Okay, there are some new ones. Promise.

Thing is...thing is...since you are all my favorites that means I am going to blog about why my blog should be your favorite, obviously.

I'm batting my eyelashes so hard over here.

a.k.a.- 3 reasons to read this here blog--at least once a month or so. Or twice a month! Gettin' crazy.
1- I'm a movie star.
There's me on the right and there's the star of the Footloose remake that no one knows. Whoa there, I tried not to steal the spotlight but I mean, wow, I walked down those high school hallways so well. Since no one knows either of us that means we're both on the same level and we're both famous, right? Right. I mean, in my mind, me and Kenny Something are Oscar worthy actors. Diva status. 

2- I'm a fashion blogger. 
Okay, that's an outright lie. That was supposed to read: I am a teensy bit incredibly jealous of any beautiful stylish fashion blogger. 
You see, I am a performer slash ballet teacher. I wear little clothing. And when using the word little I don't mean it like skimpy. I mean it like are leotard and tights even considered clothing?? As apparent in the picture above, I also wear fruit on my head sometimes and that is definitely not clothing. I know dancewear brand names better than uh...what's a popular clothing brand name? 
jay kay. Mostly.

3- I'm marrying someone who can cook.
Read: Maybe one day this blog will have cool recipes created by my househusband.
Freddie loves to cook and I love to eat. He works hard in the kitchen and I work hard taking pictures of what he creates. See how well this relationship works? I better stop giving you all of these relationship secrets! Silly me. Freddiefriendfiance needs to be called Chef Freddiefriendfiance (because that's not a mouthful, at all). 
Let's recap: 
I was the star the best extra in the new Footloose movie. I wear the crap outta leotard and tights. I eat a lot, but can't cook worth a flip.

There ya have it, some new things about me and this blog..whether it is your favorite blog or not...;)


Veronica and Daniel said...

So who cleans up the kitchen in the cooking/picture/eating relationship? ;) That is always a sore subject with us. I love to cook, so does Daniel...but when I cook, I clean. When he cooks, I clean...Someday I hope to have a meal where he cooks, AND cleans up after dinner :) My favorite is that chicken sitting on the grill - it looks so funny :) Happy last day of July!

Kayla Peveler said...

Shut the front door, you were an extra in the movie?! I LOVE that movie. Did you meet Juliana Hough? SO fun. I've always wanted to be an extra.

Caleb cooks most of the time now too...I want to get better!

Kodi Jensen said...

How about you're totally hilarious? Another excellent reason to follow!

Ashley said...

I need some serious details about this whole Footloose role!!! How awesome is that?! So glad Mister Freddie can cook...that's perfect!

Jessica said...

Not gonna lie I was totally a fan of the Footloose movie (probably because I never saw the original and love cheesy teen movies) and those food pics look amazzzzzing... You are a lucky girl!

Erin LFF said...

Gotta love a man who can cook! I'm always impressed w/ what Jared comes up with too!!


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