July 5, 2013

life before wifi

Life before WiFi, or internet for that matter, must have been a crazy thing. I mean, I was alive during that time and remember when dial-up was the end all. How exciting was that AOL dial up noise?!  You remember too, don't play. Freddie the Georgia Tech graduate was able to be all smarty pants the other night and get the internet working. Working where, you ask?!

Well, this week marks my first week "living" in Charleston. I say living, quote/unquote, because I'm not really here here until after August 24, the big day, dun dun dun. But I packed up 80% of my belongings and went ahead and moved them up here into our new condo! Right by the beach! Me and Freddiefriend! More exclamation points! We moved into our condo late Sunday after driving a big 'ole U-Haul from Atlanta. And by we, I mean Freddie because remember? We are we now.
Thank goodness for fraternity friends because otherwise none of our furniture would be up in this condo right now. Hello, my weakling arms, say hello to the blogging world. Hello, second floor condo, say hello to our furniture placed up inside of you because of Freddie's fraternity brothers. 

And to answer all of your questions, I have been eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Pretty sure people at the pool thought I had leprosy.  

But shut yo mouth Emily, who cares about parasitic bugs when there is a new condo and a soon-to-be new husband to talk about?! 

I'll post way more about condo life and decorating and unpacking and rearranging and rearranging furniture later. Just call me, Rearrangy Remily. No? For now, let's talk about things that are meant to be. Fate and all that stuff. There was one thing that happened on Sunday that made me go, Whoa dude, this is definitely meant to be.

Deep, I know. I am quite the philosopher. 

90% of the drive from Atlanta to Charleston was thunderstorms. No, not a light sprinkling of rain. We're talking black skies, emergency tornado warning take cover now alerts. By the way, I am terrified of tornadoes. T-e-r-r-f-i-e-d so that was fun and all. Cue whimpering. So, here we are, me in a mini-van and Freds in a U-Haul, caravan-ing through the sheets of rain and blasts of tornado warnings, hoping the rain somehow magically stops so we can move in dry weather and wam bam thank you m'am, our prayers were answered. The instant we started crossing the bridge from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant the skies went from this:

to this...

Thank you Lawdy Lawd, for blue skies and perfect moving weather. I'd say this move to Charleston (and this marriage to the Fredster), is pretty meant to be.

Happy Day After the Fourth! Babies, you're all fireworks. And hopefully got to see good ones last night. 


Alex[andra] said...

That does sound like a crazy drive. But everything else sounds so exciting!

I was bitten alive by mosquito's this past weekend. I hear you. It's not a good look.

Helene in Between said...

Totally agree, meant to be all the way. I would be scared to drive in that too. Moving already sucks enough!


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