June 28, 2013

it's my favorite!

Oh hey, end of June. Way to speed by without stopping. Rude. 
Did anyone else feel like June was rude and flew by? Because how is it almost July?!
But then again, June, you are pretty nice because you are speeding by in order for my birthday month to come on in so THANKS.

Well well well...end of a month means time for some favs! Like oh em gee, are you ready? (My autocorrect changed favs to fab. So, needless to say, my favs are going to be pretty fab). 

We're doing the fab favs today in a 2 much fun way of showcasing 2sies thing. Make 2 much sense?

I taught 2 ballet camps this month. This meant things like a) I came home with glitter all over my tights most days b) I said pile, passe, and don't run! more than I said "real" words and c) I got to met the real Rapunzel. The real one! And she told us all about why her hair was back to the long blonde hair and why she wore shoes and all that good stuff I really needed to know. 

I went to Disney 2 times this month. Talk about too 2 much fun, I had it. I ate lots of food on my I'm-going-to-eat-whatever-I-want-before-this-wedding diet. Yum and yum, I could live in Epcot and eat and drink at every country every week. In fact, I'm wondering why Epcot doesn't offer some sort of housing...? Anyways. Disney = fun; therefore June = fun. 
Cheers to Let's never leave!

June is pretty cool (I guess...) because as of June 25 I am 2 months away from becoming a Weiss. Holy Name Change, Batman! It feels so weird to type out my soon-to-be name. I can only imagine how weird it will be to sign it. I mean, autograph it. Duh, who merely signs things anymore? It's all about being celebrities and autographing. Anyways, enjoy a Cheesy McCheese picture. 2 cute.
Baby Freddiefriend and Emily. 

What were your fab favs from June? Other than seeing fab Freds in the above picture, of course. 


Kayla Peveler said...

EEEEK two months?!!!! SO exciting.

Tell Rapunzel hiii for me.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Ooo! It's getting so close :) I think my favorite part of Disney is Epcot. I LOVE visiting the different countries :) And those ballerinas are adorable! Have a wonderful July!!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from Ashley's link up...congratulations on getting married! So exciting and fun. Also...love your sunglasses in the second picture. They are awesome!

Ashley said...

2 Disney Trips in one month...I mean..that's basically all you had to write because it doesn't get much better than that. The glitter on the tights is kinda fantastic, too...and of course the big day in 2 months!!!!


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