July 29, 2013

moving forward

Some people say one of the most comforting things about death is that, in the midst of the hurt and pain, life goes on. You get new beginning and new days. To me, that is one of the hardest parts of death. It isn't always easy for me to comprehend just how life can go on sometimes, but guess what? It really really does. This weekend was extremely hard as we buried and remembered my sweet Granddaddy and ya know, I don't really want to make this blog all about that.

So, let's move on and talk about some other weekend shenanigans that are in fact, shenany. Think we can get shenany to happen?
Fetch didn't happen, but shenany will.

Going through old pictures is one of my favorite things to do. Hey Emily, want to go out tonight? No thanks, I'd rather stay in and look at these gems. Hey, sometimes old pics are just what you need. My family and I looked through lots of old pictures this weekend. One little beauty we found?
My uncle holding me and my cousin, who were both thrilled to be in his arms.
Oh what? You don't find old family pictures as fun as I do?!

It is almost August which means it is almost wedding time which means it is wedding crunch time right now. Nothing was a better pick me up after this weekend than coming home to a package with some maid of honor and bridesmaid dresses.
Here is a preview. Hint: this isn't my brother's dress. Don't worry, his dress for the wedding will be a different color.

Okay okay, you got me! He's wearing a suit.
Who doesn't like a terrible attempt at a joke on a Monday morning?!

Hope you're all smiling big on this fine Monday morning. Even if your smile isn't because of that joke up there.

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Kodi Jensen said...

Sorry about your grandpa Emily -- I'm glad you had some fun things in your weekend to make you happy too!

Kayla Peveler said...

Bahahah "his dress is a different color" ;) you're amazing.

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I dig the dress, esp. the color! I saw you on the link up :)



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