July 17, 2013

a not wedding wednesday.

I used to roll my eyes when a girl would write about her best boyfriend ever. I mean, come on, we get it, but write something original. (Can you feel the eye roll?) Use some words. Some feelings. Something. (All of my posts about Freddie are obviously so romantic and not at all cliche...I don't have to follow my own rules, okay?) Or how about when people write about wishing Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever! Well that's just not true because how can everyone be talking about my mom? (see what I did there??) 

I am really not the heartless person that comes raging out when I write blog posts. I do realize that everyone thinks his or her significant other or mom or dad is really the best person out there. Period. 

But something happened when I got old (still a year shy of being able to rent a car, folks, so don't go out buying me a walker to use while getting over the hill...). In my old age I've turned into a sentimental son of a gun. We are talking all the emotions and tears. Before going to bed nowadays, I think about how lucky I am to have the friends and family in my life instead of thinking about what super hawt outfit I'm going to wear the next day. Not sure I ever thought about super hawt outfits though...but that's beside the point. I think about marrying Fredster and smile like a looney because I picture old farts Freddie and Emily holding hands in the car and singing obnoxious songs out loud just like we do now in our young fart-y age.

So on my birthday as I waited for Freddie to get home from work and I waited for my brother to finish getting ready for our night of celebrating, I decided that ya know what, shucks, saying someone is the best ever is a-okay with me. Because sometimes that sums up exactly how you feel and who the h-e-double-you-know-what cares if writing that makes some crazy girl (named Emily...) roll her eyes. I am saying it loud and proud that this weekend proved that I have the best Freddiefiance who puts up with emotional Emily and gave me sweet gifts like the biggest and baddest wine cooler. I have the best brother who drove up from Orlando and insisted I take a few days off so we could hang out before I become a Mrs. puh-retty soon. I have the best mom (even when it's not Mother's Day who left surprises and 24 balloons in my room when I returned home from a birthday weekend away. 

I have the best of the best. Whatchu gonna do 'bout it?

Helloooo, beautiful babay. Thanks for keeping my wine nice and chilly. 

Emotional and cheesy Wednesday, over and out. 

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Erin LFF said...

Sometimes you just HAVE to brag :) I personally love these types of posts--- it's good to be happy!!


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