July 19, 2013

i knew you were truffle when you walked in

I was born and raised in the same city: Newnan, Georgia. Or the Nan as I like to call it. The Nan is small (ish) and I could take you on a hot lil tour if you were ever to come visit. There's College St. with all its Antebellum homes. There's Historic Downtown Newnan with the most beautiful, sparkling, precious court house you ever did see. You would eat at the Redneck Gourmet (yes, yum) or family owned and operated Sprayberry's Barbecue. 

I moved a whopping hour away when I went to college in the big, bad city--a.k.a. Atlanta. Yes, it is big and bad and no, it is not like the movie ATL. Newnan is home. Atlanta is home. Georgia is home. I know the short cuts, the back roads, the parks, the shops, the restaurants, and lawdy do I know the traffic. Emily + Traffic became besties over the past 2 years of working in the city. 

Pretty soon, the usual "home" won't be home no mo'! Charleston will be home. Mt. Pleasant will be home. South Carolina will be home. Freddie will be home. I've I mean, we've (remember, I have a new pronoun now... wink wink, nudge nudge, yadda yadda) spent the last 5 or so months getting acquainted with this new home. 

Okay, let me rephrase that, we've spent the last 5 or so months getting acquainted with the new food. And restaurants. And all the good stuff. I can see it now, all of your glazed over we don't care, Emily facial expression have slowly vanished because y'all want to know the deets with food and alcohol? Your command is my request.

My brother met me in Charleston last weekend for a fun filled birthday weekend. What could possibly be more exciting than birthday-ing it up with my brother?! Um, how about birthday-ing it up in a new town that we got to show off to my brother! Party times. Okay okay, wait! Don't let your eyes glaze over again! Not yet anyways...
May I present to you...

Freddie and Emily's Guide to a Weekend Trip in Mt. Pleasant/Charleston/Heaven on Earth/Any Other Cool Name You Can Think Of

Should you ever come to visit, and by should I mean when you come to visit, this is a similar scenario to what will happen.

You arrive and within 5 minutes (10 if you insist on coming into the apartment before leaving) we hit up Coleman's Public House. Are you like, boooooring name? Not interested? Well, shut up because it really should have been named Everyday I'm Trufflin' or something way cute like that (so cute!) because when you eat here, you die and go to truffle heaven and then stay there forever never wanting to come back here. Seriously though, Freddie and I would pitch up a freaking tent and live in Coleman's parking lot if it meant Truffle Mac and Cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yum, yum and yum! Do I need to say that again? Truffle. Mac and. Cheese. Yes, please, and thank you. 

Next stop is Tabbuli for some hookah and more hookah on their bigger than big patio by the water. If you want to feel hip and not old with degenerating hips, go here and kindly ask for some soap, please! when you order your hookah. Because blowing hookah bubbles is the grown-up version of fun. You won't be able to stop. Sorry for the horrible picture, but sometimes the hookah life is too cool to produce good quality pictures. 

If your visit happens to line up with the second Sunday of the month, then HIGH five and kudos you and all of that. Second Sunday on King is the best way to hit up and walk downtown for hours without once complaining about sore feet or schweaty pits. The street is closed to traffic meaning you get to walk in the middle of the road while licking your King of Pops and pop in and out of every cool store you've been meaning to go into. Did I mention the food trucks are there? Did I mention one of the food trucks is named Outta My Huevos? Genuis.

Other obvious mandatory adventures?
Beach time.

Game time.
Look who is winning. Me me me me me. Hashtag winner. Hashtag lame hashtag. 

Friend time.

The End.
Well, The End, for this past weekend's adventures. Freds and I have a list of about 100 other restaurants and attractions and other super fun things to do. Hit us up because we're like travel agents now or something? Right? I mean any travel agent that suggests you play Cards Against Humanity is the best kind of travel agent. 

Charleston, I can't wait to call you home.  


Alex[andra] said...

"Well, shut up because it really should have been named Everyday I'm Trufflin'" - I got a good laugh from this. Haha.

I love how much you love your new hometown! You've definitely convinced me to want to visit it one day!

Helene in Between said...

food is the best part of life. ok fine, one of the best. and i want to come eat food with you. thank you.


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