July 8, 2013

workin' for the weekend

I could very easily describe my weekend shenanigans with one word: rain. It has rained for a week straight and it is scheduled to rain for another week straight. Or two. Or three. Who knows. One town nearby postponed their Fourth fireworks until Labor Day weekend so I guess they think it will be raining for another 7 weeks straight. Rain causes one's weekday and/or weekend shenanigans to change drastically from sunbathing and beach going to unpacking and rearranging furniture. Which btdubs, I am the master of rearranging furniture over. and over. and over. And over. I guess the problem is I just get too many genius ideas of how to have the rooms arranged.

I bet Freddie is lol-ing so hard at reading that. No Emily, it's called being indecisive. Make up your mind already!

The good news (good news for Freddiefran and none of you) is that I am back in the ATL for my last 3 weeks of teaching and won't be able to change my mind (1000 more times) about the furniture in Charleston. Phew. Wait, did you get that part in the middle there--my last. 3. weeks. of. teaching. in. Atlanta. Ahhhhh!

This wedding is happening. This move is happening. Life is happening. And I could not possibly be any more excited.

Enjoy the pictures while I go over how I want to decorate the walls at the new place. The fun never ends!

Sorry that I am the worst about only using Instagram pictures on my blog and if you follow me on Instagram then you see these pictures way too much and regret liking any of the photos. Sorry for that run-on sentence, too.

1- What a newly moved into apartment looks like at midnight.
2- Most important things get hung first. Slash are the only things to get hung.
3- I painted this. More on that laterz, alligators.
4- Low country boil dinner is the way to go when you live by the beach.
5- Enjoying the only partly sunny day. Thanks, Sun!
6- Sparklers on the Fifth of July. Even better.
7- Bag full of bagels and a happy belly.
8- The reporters telling us to Vote for Freddie. Freddie Weiss, obviously. For being the best overall.
9- The packing and unpacking and organizing never ends. Welcome home. 

Sami's Shenanigans


Kayla Peveler said...

Aint nothinnnn wrong with instagram-only pictures ma'am... ;) I loved them. SO excited your big day is getting so cloooose!!

Alex[andra] said...

Ahh, packing and unpacking. So annoying but so rewarding in the end!

Iris T. said...

cannot wait to hear more about that dresser!

iris @ fancypantsny.com

Ashley said...

Only 3 more weeks of teaching...wow!!! I'm so excited about this move....I really am. LIke I said...I'm going to have to plan a Charleston trip pretty soon here.


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