July 10, 2013

signs you're losing it

Did you know it is July? I mean, I know it is and I've known it has been for 10 days and all, but...but, but, it is July! Close to mid-July! My mind is stuck in May. Oh May, give me back by brain. I'm always telling a story that happened last month (a.k.a. May) or thinking about my last month of classes and how it was just a week or so ago (a.k.a. it was 2 months ago, in May). I can't wrap my mind around July. July 10. 

This never happens to me. Ne.ver. You see, my birthday is in July. July 15, to be exact. And it's not that July 15 is my birthday, it's that July is my birthmonth. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, the year revolves around July and my birthmonth. We I start counting down July 16, as any sane person would do. The day after your birthday is a new start to the year and all. 

Anyways, I hope you've gotten the point of those two paragraphs: it is July, I don't believe it is July, and I love my birthday.
the Birthday Monster, in the flesh.

This year is the year that pigs fly. That hell freezes. That all those ain't never gonna happen things actually do happen. Like me, not annoying everyone about how many days it is to my birthday. Or how up until a few days ago I thought my birthday was on a Sunday. Sunday! July 14! Who am I?! My birthday is so obviously on a Monday and I so obviously know that years in advance. 

Except for this year. The year I lose my mind and go and done get married. Get married! Looks like I've got blinders on and I'm headed straight towards August 24. And ya know, I can't say I'm sad about my lack of birthday knowledge this year. Because pretty soon every day will be a celebration with a Freddiefriendhusband.


But really, just in case my really interesting birthday story wasn't convincing enough that I'm losing my mind, I woke up at 5:30 on Monday morning convinced (and I mean convinced) that I never paid my taxes. I even wrote myself a sweet little reminder in my phone that read: Taxes?!!


Alex[andra] said...

I still don't get it.. What happens in July?

Haha, I'm kidding!!

Happy early birthday!

Helene in Between said...

Haha I am losing my mind. For sure. How is it July?! And eek so close to the wedding!

Ashley said...

Yep...the mind seems to go missing when you're planning a wedding. Yay for your birthday being so soon!!!

Bhumi said...

Oh, I didn't tell you? We're celebrating CHRISTMAS IN JULY for your birthday this year! Come over!!
Cookies, the best xmas movies, pinterest crafts, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!

love you!!

Deidre said...

Oh my goodness, YES. I feel like this year has just been...I don't know. How can it be July already? JULY? JULY? Wasn't it just February? What is happening. WHy.

Happy bIrthday! (a few days early!)


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