June 12, 2013

A Wah-nderful Wedding Wednesday

Today is Wedding Wednesday. Yes, that's right. Wednesday is no longer the name of a day of the week now that I am planning a wedding. Get with it.

 I don't really know what to say this Wedding Wednesday so I added the Wah because that's the noise I want to make sometimes. Like when I am addressing invitations and spell Orlando, ORLADNO. Hey, crazy train, stop over here!!! I developed dyslexia very late in life, apparently. Go me.
 Anyone wanna do a spell check for me?!

Or when my mom and I realized that I forgot to add a name line on the RSVP cards. 
HAHAHA. I still laugh thinking about all the RSVP cards with no names we are going to get.
...And by laugh, I mean cry. 

My little wah voice is turning to an excited ahh! because my once chewed by dogs dress will be fixed up and all shiny by next week. Eeeee!! The dogs cannot wait to have their fav chew toy back. I mean...I can't wait to have my wedding dress ready. Man, it's so confusing. Is it my dress or their toy?! La te da, don't care because I'm hiding it in a dog proof vault until August 24. 

But alas, no one wants to hear all the things I have done wrong while planning. Or all the things the dogs have done wrong in this process, sheesh pups. Instead I will leave you with some Pinterest lovin'--all things that I want to steal from Pinterest, but about which I am having a hard time making my mind. Do I want this or that? This guest book or that guest book?! These burlap bows or those lattice frames? These are the times when I get bridezilla-y and ask my best friend why she hasn't quit her job to live in Atlanta with me to help me plan this wedding. I mean, come on! Work or help Emily do wedding work? 

Until then and until the Wedding Wednesday post that will include real things I've been doing, enjoy. 
Freddie said we should put, "We've decided on 30 years" just to throw everyone off. Funny man?

So, who is coming over to help plan and craft and do all of these things?! Okay, I think I counted about 50 hands in the air, THANKS


gayle said...

Tell Freddie I said 30 years goes way to fast. It needs to at least say 50 years. Just sayin'. It's all so cute!

Kayla Peveler said...

me! me! pick me! your wedding is going to be AMAZING! :)

Hahaha 30 years. He thinks he's funny, eh? ;)

LLArcher said...

I am SO there to help you craft!
ps-Freddie is funny, you should marry him!

Kodi Jensen said...

LOVE the Polaroid idea -- replacing the name cards with a shot. So cute! And I can't lie, I'm a little jealous of all the crafting. FUN!

The Better Belle Project said...

Love all of your wedding details, and the writing on your envelopes looks fantastic! If you'd like to, I host a wedding weds link up every week, feel free to come join up if you'd like!


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