June 20, 2013


You know when you get an epiphany? Like a mind blowing, brain boggling, oh duh kind of moment?

I had one today when I realized that...
I am the worst blogger ever. Mind blown, I tell ya! In fact, I don't even think you can call it blogging. I never post. Never! Except those one or two times. Even now I bet you think I'm posting and blogging, but really I'm just writing about randomness that is so randomly random and you're reading it anyways. Psych! Or sike. Whichever you prefer. 

Anyways, I'm sure I've written a post very similar to this before where I'm like wah wah excuses excuses worst ever because that's what we bad bloggers do. We don't blog, but when we do we write about why we don't.

Following? No, I'm not either so let's move on. 

Want to know things I've been thinking about recently? Oh goodie, I thought so. 

 Wedding reception songs.
What in the what are you even supposed to play?! Sappy songs, slow songs, fun songs, fast songs, sing-along songs, bad songs. I'm all about the bad songs. Celine Dion is mah gurl after all. I've made a list of about 1.5 hours worth of jams so I hope the guests don't mind singing to themselves the remaining 2 hours. 
Songs galore. Not galore enough yet, though.

And while I'm on that subject, why in the world are all the Father/Daughter dance suggestions the absolute worst. They will either a) leave me to roll my eyes the whole song or 2) leave my dad in a completely horrible mess of tears. But, don't worry, I managed to choose one that is delightful. And my dad will be in a mess of tears anyways because that's Russell for ya. Story time! One time when I was 13 he came to my end of ballet summer camp performance. At the very end of a song, I was lifted up by the group and the spotlight faded down over me in the air. Brought my dad to t-e-a-r-s. Oh lawdy, that man...this whole wedding day will be interesting. 

Anyways, Happy Thursday. Sorry I rarely blog. Glad you rarely always read. 
Kisses and Hugs and Stuff.


Helene said...

But that's the thing, it's your blog, so you can do whatever you want!! Post, don't, it's yours.

Russ said...

You are the Seinfeld of bloggers: your posts are about nothing in particular, and therefore they are about everything.

Tears? Psssshah. I'm a rock.

Alex[andra] said...

I love how we both talked about blogging (on our blogs) today!

Although Andrew and I aren't engaged yet, we often talk about our wedding. Last night, he said he wants our reception song to be the Top Gun song (can you tell he's obsessed with planes?). I'm not so sure that's appropriate..

Ashley said...

Love that Carolina on my mind is on your list!!! So what's your song? Me and my dad were in tears during our dance. It was a mess!


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