June 7, 2013

summertime and the living is lazy

I was going to make some hi-larious joke about how I've been playing blogger hide and seek and no one has found me and that's why I haven't posted in 10 years (or 4 days, blogger time is very different than real time). But then I realized that that joke isn't funny and I'm not funny. I'm just lazy and trying to get adjusted to my summer teaching schedule.

My summer job includes days like this, btdubs:

The second Rapunzel walked in the door this was all I heard the girls asking:
Why isn't your hair glowing?!
Why aren't you wearing your short brown hair?! That's how you left it in the movie!!!!
You are wearing shoes. You never wear shoes, silly!
Who braided your hair?! 
Why do you have lipstick on?
Where's Flynn Rider? And Maximus? 
I'm glad you didn't bring that mean 'ole Mother Gothel. We only like nice people.

Phew. And those were asked all in a span on 5 seconds so you can imagine how the entire hour was.

Have you ever realized that nothing gets past little kids? Like nothing at all. They noticed she had on shoes when her dress went to the floor and covered her feet (when did kids start being born with X-ray vision?!) The day after I got engaged, they noticed Miss Emily had on a sparkly ring. Ooooh, kiddos. You're a funny bunch that is too fun. 

Let's see...what else can we talky talk about?

Let's talk about the way Freddie and I video chat about wedding stuff. Can't say I hate it.
Freddie, we must have circus food at the reception.
But whyyyy, Emily?!

Holy Long Day, this is why I shouldn't write blogs the night before I post them. Because I leave you all in a daze of What. In. The World.

So, enjoy being in that daze and give me blog post ideas to save us all.
Happy Friday! 

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Some of the best posts come when you're tired, though!! I love those little girls! hahah....they really don't miss anything. Charlie is the same and he's only 3. How's wedding planning going?!


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