June 3, 2013

dancin' queens

Ballet. It's funny how one word, just six letters, can mean so much to me. 
A.k.a.- this word kind of makes up my life. 
In a way, it also describes my weekend shenanis. So, let's review. 

Short background: I grew up intensively studying ballet. We are talking 6 days a week, too many hours to count, homeschooled so I could be in the studio. Cra to the zy. My summers were spent studying in big cities all up and down the east coast. The end. 

During my hardcore ballet years (man, I sound cool) (not), I made some of the best friends ever. I mean let's see, you spend more time around each other than your own families AND you're half nekkid (hello, leotard and tights, you cover up nothing). You get to know each other really well and really fast.  It's no wonder that my dancin' fool friends make up the majority of my bridal party. 

As luck would have it, a couple of my biffle besties were in Orlando when I went down spontaneously last week. Which meant Bridal Party Party: Part 1 out of 2000. BOO YAH! 

But then, oh but then, the stars really aligned and something magical happened (I swear, after this past weekend, I believe Disney is really magical). Our beloved ballet teacher, the woman who was like a mother to all of us and taught us SAT words while we danced, was able to meet us for the weekend. Eeeeeee, Maggie!!! Are you squealing too?! It was a family reunion in a major way. A major dance nerdy fam damily way. One, two, three, plie!
Digging my corny ballet jokes yet?

I know you're all like double-yew-tee-eff is this girl eeeeeee-ing and weeee-ing about?!
Well, lemme show you. 

We were those people everywhere we went. Ya know? The loud ones. The ones taking the seemingly stupid (but really awesome) pictures. The ones cracking inside jokes in front of people who could have cared less. And boy oh BOY, I loved being those kind of people for a few days. 

And then we got yummy drinks and celebrated being together and over age 21 and not 16 and not in high school. Which means we celebrated being old.

More shenanis. Your jealousy is now growing.

At one point this weekend my mom said it felt like we had rewound 9 years. That's how you know you have the best of the best kind of friends--when you can instantly fall back into your friendly routine, even after years of being on opposite sides of the country (or the world in Miss Brittany I Travel With Disney's case). Girlfrans, I cannot WAIT until August when everyone is reunited. This weekend was just a small taste and what is to come and honey child, I am loving it. Gimme more.

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Alex[andra] said...

THOSE people are the best people. Especially when you're with that group of people. So much fun! It sounds like you have some mad ballet skills!

Megalin said...

you are seriously the third person in a row I've read that went to Disney this weekend and I'm growing increasingly jelly! Your trip looks so fun!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

EVVVERYONE was in disney this weekend, haha! It looks like a blast, crazy how intense into ballet you were! I saw you on the blog hop, come say hey sometime! :)


Helene said...

first of all- you are cool. i am always jealous of hardcore ballerinas bc they are just awesome people and this looks like the most awesome tme ever

Kristen said...

definitely jealous...What a fun weekend at Disney!

LLArcher said...

The sweetest post! Sounds like a good weekend w/ the gals.


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