June 17, 2013

the time zac brown was not a zombie

This weekend was exactly what a summer weekend should be. Movies, drinks outside late at night, live music, more drinks outside, celebrating birthdays and Daddy days, and drinking some more late at night.

Friday ended with a movie at the Fox Theatre, which for you non-Atlanta folks, is awesome. I tried to think of a more profound way to describe the Fox, but it's just downright awesome. Period. Look.

Then we went out for steak and wine at 10 pm because well, why not? It just seemed fitting for a late night eat.
Awesome, again.

Saturday, oh Saturday was a good day. It started with me picking up WEDDING dress. My wedding dress that used to have mud and a big hole in it is now beautiful and shiny and oooh! just picture it in your head since I can't post a picture on here--bad luck or stuff. But when you're picturing it, be sure to picture it with mud and holes and then picture it perfect and clean and sparkly because we've got to be accurate around here, okay? Plus it makes it even more exciting when you see it so pretty after being so dog chewy.

Saturday ended with music and grub in Senoia, Georgia. Say it out loud people, See-noia. Not, See-noi-uh. Senoia is a small little town near the Nan where Walking Dead is filmed and lemme tell ya, they are mighty proud of that. Zac Brown put on a free concert and instead of the usual butterflies and pirates face painting there was zombie face painting. Because what else would you paint on yer face in the town where the Walkers are from?!
Mr. Brown, why you no paint your face like a zombie?

And Sunday ended with celebrating two important people. 1) Russ Moore, the father and 2) Mary Caroline, the birthday queen.

 My dad turned into a balloon head yesterday. We're very sad about it.

And MC turned 50 this past week, but really it looks like she turned 25 or 35 or something. Hawt mama, right there.

And then, just like that, it was Monday.

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Kayla Peveler said...

Daanng sounds like one HECK of a weekend. I'm so jealous of that Fox Theatre, I want to come play!! :)

YAY for gorgeous wedding dresses. I totally want a sneak peek!!!!

MaryCaroline said...

Fun summer weekend!!!!

Staci said...

I'm NOT saying I'm bitter that no one informed me of this Zac Brown concert but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!! NO ONE INFORMED ME??? WHAT. THE. F.


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