June 25, 2013

disney or bust or something

Blogging is tres hard when you are partying it up at Disney, by the dubs or btway or btdubs. Take your pick. 

Last time I was at Disney (a whopping 3 weeks ago), I was here with my ballet besties being annoying fun and drinking dancing throughout Epcot. This time I'm here for business, people. Serious business! We had to trade cars with my brother and what better way to trade cars with your brother than to trade cars and then spend 2 days at Disney? Hint hint, there isn't a better way. 

You know, I was supposed to be in Charleston this week. Helping Freddiefriend pack so we could move into our new condo (right by da beaaaach) this weekend, but plans change and last minute work trips come up and moving and packing is totally possible in one day, right? Can you tell I'm a little bitter about said work trip that changed our packing/moving/seeing FF plans? Because I'm not. Just not at all. One day, down the married road, we'll look back on this long distance/not seeing each other madness and just chuckle and say things like, Sugar darlin', remember when we thought the world was over when we couldn't be around each other for those 6 short months? Chuckle chuckle. In my mind, that is said with thick Southern accents even though neither of us have thick Southern accents, but please read it that way and you'll enjoy it more. Chuckle chuckle. 

The point is, what better way to get over a grump-butt-plans-have-changed attitude than to jump on a Disney trip with the family? Hint hint, there isn't a better way. 

Well, sugar darlins, it's time for Epcaht. So here are some pictures, s'il vous plait et merci. 
 Is the wedding nearly as exciting as people getting the invitations and sending the RSVP cards? Because it's all a blast and I can hardly stand it. !

And these pictures sum up Day 1 of Disney. We like Mario things at Downtown Disney, I don't like Everest, and we like cheers-ing and smiling at dinner. The end.


Alex[andra] said...

I love the Mario and Luigi photo!! Now I miss Disney. Disney downtown is so much fun! Did you go to Disney Quest at all?

Ashley said...

Guess what?!?! We're going to Disney in Christmas!! This post is making me very excited. And I'm excited about those wedding RSVPs coming back!

Erin LFF said...

How can you not like Everest?! Whattt!! Downtown Disney is fabulous!


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