May 31, 2013

April Raindrops bring May Roses

Sorry the title doesn't rhyme. That's what happens when I try to do a mashup between Sound of Music and April Showers bring May Flowers. yadda yadda yadda.

May has quite possibly maybe been a wonderful month full of change, excitement, happiness, and celebrations. 

Things that May has brought (other than flowers and raindrops on roses):

Freddie and I have been engaged for one month as of May 28. Holy Sparkly Ring, time flies. During that month we have picked a wedding date (August 24, holla), signed a lease on our Charleston home (one mile from the beach, holla), and planned a big ton of wedding details because in 3 months will be all husband and wifed up and W-O-W. I am so excited I could scream while being upside in a carthwheel.

This is the pose we land in post-cartwheels. 

Baby Ann became Old Ann when she turned 18 on May 1 and graduated from high school on May 18. Girl, slow yo roll. Growing up on me, tears. Good news is she's still be best little friend and my maid of honor and maybe I can go party it up with her in college.
Oh no no, that'd be weird, right? Right.

Ann being a grad and all brought my brother up to Georgia for the festivities. Joseph has worked at Disney for almost 6 years and that is just too terribly long to be far away from your brudder. However, J-dude, please never leave Disney. I kind of lurve getting in fo' free, being a Disney freak, and all the other fun stuff. THANKS! Growing up is fun because then it means super fun reunionsies weekend trips with the fam. 

I spent the last weekend of May in my future home of Chucktown. It has been a hot minute since I was able to travel there for a trip and the weekend did not disappoint. The whole time I was driving across the bridge I was thinking, I get to live here! Eeee!!
And, I get to be with the Freddiefriend fiiiiiinally!! Eee!!
Chawlston was a wonderful host and we had a blast beaching it up, truffle oil mac and cheesen' it up, and doing grown up things like buying a dining room table. 

Quick question:
How did I end up with zero beach pictures from the weekend?
Worst. Ever. 

Well then, how was yer May?


Veronica and Daniel said...

SOOOO exciting :) We planned our wedding in exactly 3 months, so I totally know how crazy/exciting/exhausting/wonderful this time is for you! Happy Last Day of May!!!

carrieburke said...

Hahaha don't worry, when ever I have something good or exciting happen, I always forget to take photos! But I just say it's because I was enjoying the moment :)

Ashley said...

May was a GREAT month for you, huh??! You were just having too much fun and forgot to take a picture! No problem with that :-)


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