May 20, 2013

on growing up

This weekend was one for the books. For the very long novel type books. Really, I don't even know where to begin. It doesn't help that the weekend isn't really over until Tuesday.

Suckas! Loooong weekend going on over here. Oh hey, two more days that I will get all fresh and weekend-y with. 

Anyways, I'll try to paraphrase all of the goodness into a short(ish) novel type post.

Ann graduated high school this weekend. That meant/means so many things like A) Big Brother Joseph (Broseph) flew into town for the weekend. B) Ann is going to college in August. C) I am old. D) She is getting old. D) Joseph is the oldest. 

Get the picture? I can't believe Ann-y doodle graduated. Tears, all the tears. 
After the 2.5 hr ceremony and some dinner (and wine...) we decided to watch old home videos of baby Ann. It never gets old seeing 2 month old Ann throw up all over her cute new onesies...

Friday was the last day I will be seeing a good sized number of my students from this past year since I am up and getting married slash moving. HONEY child, it was bittersweet. These girls have stolen my little dance teacher heart. And I may have brainwashed them about ballet in the process. Those girls can tell you all about the technicalities of doing a tendu, and I love it. I got several adorable cards, one of which was addressed to, "The (Almost) Mrs. Emily." I told Freddie that I can't wait to change my name to Emily. So exciting!!! He asked if I had practiced writing the new name. This one was another winner...
Now I know why Freddie wants to marry me! Using me for my dance teacher skills. Psh, boy must think he can get free ballet lessons out of me. 

Well, y'all. I am all moved out of Atlanta and back at home with the fam dam for the summer which means 1) Riesling with MC every night. 2) Hardcore wedding planning. 
But most importantly it means that I am that much closer to my next big move of getting hitched and living in Chucktown. August, canya get here a little faster?

Not really. Slooooow down, Shirley. We've got a wedding to plan.
But really, speed up, Shirls. I would like to see that Frederickfriend for more than 2 days at a time.


Ashley said...

No wonder Freddie wants to marry you. Hha!! Loved that line.

My sister, Sarah graduated high school in a few weeks. I can't believe it. We really are getting old aren't we?! So glad Broseph came into town :-) !!

Helene said...

So much to celebrate! And so exciting with all you e got going on!!


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