May 2, 2013

permanent markers

What kind of post can you write as a follow up to a proposal post?
A boring one, that's what. 

Welcome to my boring post. If you want to read something fun, scroll down and read or re-read our proposal story. I may or may not go through the whole thing in my head several times a day. Call me crazy, but I can't get enough. Apparently you can't get enough either since I got over 150 more hits on that post than any other post I've written. Because of this, Freddie will now be proposing to me once a month so I can write about it and keep you entertained.

Back to the boring schtuff...

This week has been crazy amazing, and not just because I have this shiny thing on my finger slash the Freddiefriend forever. My best friend, Caroline, flew into town Monday and it has been non stop party eating time since she got here. Freds kind of had perfect proposal timing... what a catch, that man. 

Want to know the kind of things you cram into 2 days when your biffle wiffle is in town? 
Caroline works at Disney and picked these up for us right before she left Whorelando. COOL. 

At Agnes, it's a tradition to get thrown in the Alumnae Pond when you get engaged. I got gently placed into the pond and can't say I hated it. 

Ann-y Doodle turned 18 yesterday and we had big birthdays plans. Me, my mom, and Ann got a triple spiral matchsises tattoo. Hello, best birthday present ever. Ann is clearly enjoying it. 

Caroline and I have had these matching rings since we were 11. We've worn them on our left ring finger erry day since then (until I was a sophomore in college and the ocean grabbed mine right offa my hand) (and until Sunday when I had another fancy ring put on that finger). In a crazy turn of events, I found the exact ring at a small outdoor market in Atlanta over a year later. We've always talked about getting "ring" tattoos, and after spending 2 hours in a tattoo parlour yesterday watching other people get tatted up, Caroline decided to go for the gold and get one. I'm pretty biased, but I think the design based off of the ring is b-e-a-u-tiful. I can't wait to get mine in the future too.

This post was brought to you by tattoos, tattoos, tattoos and best friends.


Erin said...

LOVE that meaningful tattoo you all got! SO special and sooo pretty! :)

And you know I'm lovin' those Disney buttons!!

Emily Patten said...

I love tattoos, and meaningful ones are even better! So awesome. :)

Kodi Jensen said...

I've heard of that so many times, the ocean grabbing rings! Ross and I kept our wedding rings in the safe for 75% of our honeymoon because of it. Also, those Disney pins are hilarious. I think you and Freddie need to wear them everywhere you go.

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

Those tattoos are beautiful! And I love the meaning behind them!!

Ashley said...

Your biffle is the best bringing those buttons!! So much fun celebrating. Love that you got matching tattoos!


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