May 10, 2013

insert clever blog title that draws you in here

Last night as I was Facebook chatting my younger sister, just as any respectable almost 24 year old would be doing on a Thursday night, I asked her about what I should blog today. It went something like this...

A: um.



And there you go Ann, I blogged about you today. Dreams do come true!

Let's talk about life lately. Life lately has been crazy. I am two weeks away from wrapping up my first year of being a dizzance teacher in the ATL (in Atlanta we still add the izz to everything, duh), I booked a venue for my wedding...3.5 months away, and the other day when I got a manicure I asked the lady to cut my nails and she cut all but one. One. And it is bothering the poopiest poop out of me, but I can't just remember to just cut it myself until now when I am typing important things and not by nail clippers. 

Isn't this post exhilarating? 

What else has been going on?

This is what happens when I try to screenshot a funny snapchat...I fail. 

This is what I stay up late making for Freddie on the night before he gets into town. Possibly makes up for my snapchat fails.

Ann-y Doodle is having surgery later this month and this is what the helpful info sheet told her she might feel like 3 days afterwards. Ann, I'll still love you when you become a cross eyed "weirdo."

We are having engagement pictures and registering for the wedding this weekend. Obviously, I wear a fluorescent orange vest and a hard hat while completing the rigorous task of registering, but what do I wear for engagement pictures?! You mean, leotard and tights and workout clothes aren't acceptable? Other items of clothing exist? Mind blown. 



Kodi Jensen said...

When I coach our couples on what to wear I always tell them to bring LAYERS. A cute coat and/or scarf can make your outfit waaaay better, and all you have to do to switch up your look is take it off. And think about shoes(for you and Freddie), and accessories beyond your fabulous engagement ring. Borrow things from your seeeester/friends. Try things on in front of a mirror and tweak til you love it! We're also all about props -- whatever the two of you love to do together, ride bikes, picnic in the park, eat fabulous treats, dance(something tells me you could acquire access to a studio that could make for some insane, intimate, beautifully lit snuggly dancing together shots) bring the props so you can do those things in some of your images! The more you bring that's you, the more your images will be you. BUT -- talk to your photographer. Everyone does things differently and I don't want to coach you in a direction they're not down with!

Also -- you know you're going to have to post these images AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM BACK, right? :P

Annnnd because I have a lot to say about this particular post -- what is this Snapchat business?

Kayla Peveler said...

Workout clothes are totally acceptable ;) jk... you'll be ADORABLE in whatever you pick!!

YAY for registering! Sooo much fun.


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