May 29, 2013

will you be my...

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, my wonderful rweaders. Sorry, had to add a "w" in there to go along with the alliteration theme.

Last week we talked about my wedding dress being a chew toy for my dogs. Warning: this post is nowhere near as exciting upsetting. 

Good news is this post is F-U-N fun. Fun because I am getting married with 8 mighty fine ladies by my side. Ladies? Women? Gals? Can we make up a new cooler term, please? 

As Frederick and I were talking wedding party, I realized I either wanted to go super small or go all the way. And hey, we're planning this wedding once so we decided to go all the way. This means 8 fwiends (w!!) for each of us. Hello, giant wedding party, I can't wait to party it up with you!

I've got a mixture of childhood/ballet friends, college friends, and family. Done, son. 
But how does one ask a friend to be in one's wedding?
According to Pinterest you make a memory box with pictures and other crafts and wine and champagne and more crafts.

1) You cannot legally ship alcohol. 
2) Ain't nobody planning a wedding in 4 months got time fo' dat. 

Insert Emily trying to be creative right
So here's what I did.

I got my lovely sistah slash Maid of Honor to take some pictures. I took those pictures and made a collage like this...
Easy peasey, lemon squeezy and stuff. 

Then I wrote somewhat sappy-ish letters explaining why I wanted needed them to stand by my side on the big day, threw in loads of candy and a Ring Pop, and shipped those babies off. 

And guess what? I got 8 YES'S and in 88 days I'll be getting married with my 8 biffles by my side.
Time to get these b-maids some dresses!


Helene said...

awwwww this is soooooo cute. seriously. love this

Kodi Jensen said...

Awww! Maybe it didn't take forever, but it's still adorable!

Ashley said...

Such a cute idea. Goodness, I'm excited for this wedding!! 88 days!! Keep the wedding posts coming, girlfriend.


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