May 15, 2013

double u squared

Wedding Wednesday. Two words, two simple words, that I never ever thought I'd be using in a blog title. Or a blog post first sentence.

Why would anyone be interested in my wedding? Well blog palsies of mine, you don't have to hide your interest any more because Welcome to my Wedding Wednesday. 

And just like that, I succumbed to the blog world. 

Let's start where any first wedding post should start: the engagement. The engagement pictures, more specifically. I mean, once engagement pictures are taken there is no turning back, right? Everything becomes real after those suckers come out into the real world. Or something.

I got way lucky in the sister department. And not because she has perfect hair or looks cuter than Rosie the Riveter when she puts a bandana on her head, but because she takes pictures. Pretty darn good pictures if you ask me. She's been studying photography for a couple years and is fueling the photog bug even more by studying it further in college come August. Enter Ann. Enter Ann taking our engagement pictures. Enter rain clouds, awkward camera kisses, and lots of laughing about those awkward camera kisses. 

Enter you, looking at these pictures and ooh-ing and aaah-ing. 
Ann Moore Photography. 

Well, where do these Wedding Wednesdays go from here?! Get ready, we're about to wedding the crap outta these Wednesdays. 


Alex[andra] said...

I love these pictures! The one where he's kissing your hand is my favourite. :)

Ashley said...

I really am oohing and aahing....and SO excited about this whole Wedding Wednesday business.

BREI said...

So cute!


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