March 4, 2013

when you were young

Because it is Monday and because I am linking up with Sami and weekend shenanigans, I suppose to will tell you some about my weekend. 

Side note: I used to have this huge background on my computer that said "Let's Have a Shindig." I don't know why I thought it was so cool, but I mean, it was so whatever. Anyways, I'm not sure what the difference between a shindig and a shenanigan is, but either way they are both words that should be used in every day vocabulary a lot more often. Side note out.

The bad news is I got about zero pictures from my weekend. I helped Freddie move everything out of his Atlanta house. He then drove back to Charleston and moved it into his house there. So picture an empty room and a sad Emily. It snowed a liiiiil bit. Picture tiny white things in the air and Atlantan people jumping up and down. 

But then something great happened. A shenanigan worth mentioning. Ann has to make a senior slideshow for her graduation in May. She spent most of yesterday going through old photo albums of the fam dam and lemme tell you, throwback Sunday afternoon is a lot more fun than throwback Thursday. I realized several very important facts yesterday as I looked through pictures of young Emily.

I guess I began the whole mouth open smile at a young age. Who knew an 8 year old could start such a big trend?!
so. trendy. 

There is story behind this picture which I know you are all glad to hear otherwise it is like whoaaaa, Emily you were/are super weird. But the story is long and I'll just let you sit and take a minute to soak in this golden gem of a picture and think whatever you want about it. And...go.

This picture just shows that maybe I shouldn't get so frustrated when my 6 year old ballerinas can't seem to turn out their little feet while in releve. Teacher Emily would have been all over ballerina Emily's case about that one. 

And now it is Monday and my shenanigans will be a lot less exciting. The End.


Helene said...

I LOVE THIS!! i love looking through old pics. fantastic.

Ashley said...

But look at little Emily's long legs!! Goodness!!! It doesn't matter, parallel feet or not!

Sad Freddie moved this weekend :( When are you joining him? :-)

Staci said...

Hahaha. But my first thought was YOU WERE SO TALL


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