March 28, 2013

throwin' it back

Thank for Lord for link-ups and pre-named days like Throwback Thursday because otherwise I'd have absolutely no luck coming up with blogging ideas and you would all read about that one time my mom's dogs played with wrapping paper cardboard like it was a giant bone.

Seriously though, that was funny. 
Anyone? Anyone? Funny.

For those of you not in the know, a.k.a. not sitting by your computer waiting for my blog updates, I recently performed in a local production of Spamalot. And it was a huge messy ball of f-u-n. It's almost been a year since I had been onstage, and for a leotard and tights wearin' girl who's been doing plies onstage for 20 years, 11 months of not performing is like 11 months of not eating.

Too dramatic? Okay, it's like 11 months of not eating bread and cheese. Which is crazy! Because what other food items could you possibly ever need?! A meal isn't a meal unless you've got some bread. My best friend, Carbs, and I like to have daily hangouts. 

Anyways, you get the picture. I was very happy to perform again. And now here we are, 4 days after the closing show, and I am feeling like I need to wear all black and go into mourning. And wearing black is a big change from my usual daily grey outfits.

In honor of this Throwback Thursday and of the end of my stage return (yes, I really am this super famous performer you've never heard of...), I will share my most favorite role I have ever danced. 

Drumroll, please.

Was it Sugar Plum Fairy?
via Keiko Guest

Was it performing Paquita?  

No and no.

It was...

Humpty freakin' Dumpty
That's right folks. I sat on a wall and had a great fall all with an inner tube inside my costume. And it was great. 

For kicks and giggles and other fun things, we did a Mother Goose ballet when I was in high school. We had Three Blind Mice, The Girl with the Curl (right in the middle of her forehead), Nimble Jack, the moon jumping Cow, and all of your other favorites. Including, good 'ole HD. 

These pictures are so old they could be vintage. I mean, hello RAZR phone with a camera, why are you still not cool after 10 years?!

Me with my homies, Little Miss Muffet, Along Came a Spider That Sat Down Beside Her, and the famous Mother Goose herself. 

Ever danced in an inner tube before? Make that your summer goal because it's way more fun than dancing in arm floaties. 

Throwback Thursday and Embarrassing Picture Post, over and out. 


Russ said...

Those were the days! And they are your dogs, too...

Kayla Peveler said...

THIS. IS. AMAZING!!!! Hhaah I am so impressed. BTW -- killer legs in those ballet shots! Look at you go! ;)

Kate Whitney said...

Loved the photos! How fun to reminisce.

Helene said...

ahahahahahahaha i love this so much. awesome.

Susannah said...

Haha! I love that you were Humpty Dumpty! That's adorable!!! :-)


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