March 22, 2013

funky friday

Today in class blog land we will be going over ways to creep out of the funky hole of funkalicious funk in which you might one day find yourself. 

I am currently in this funky place. It involves things like a fender bender, locking my keys in the car 2x in one week, and then locking my purse, phone, keys, and teaching stuff in the car right before teaching classes, grumpily talking to FF on the phone, blah blah blah. You get it. You've all been there. One of my student's moms told me to just wait until the day I lock my kids in the car.

Momma say what? I could have locked children in the car 3x in 2 weeks instead of keys? So I guess that makes it a little better? Maybe? No?

Regardless, let's focus on the creeping out of funky town instead of what is getting on down in funky town. 
Like me feeling like this:

Emily's Two Step No Fail Getting Outta Funk Program:

eShakti recently contacted me about reviewing some of their products. I had heard of them from Alycia's blog and knew right away my answer was, YES MA'AM

eShakti is this wonderful magical website where women can customize the clothes that they like. Yes, customize. Remember how we are all shaped completely differently? And one day I wear a size such and such from Store #1 and the same day I have to get a size more and more from a different store? 

eShakti woke up one day and thought Let's make the most glorious clothing website in all the land! And so it was done. 

Here is how it works: You pick your item of choice, you customize the length of the shirt or dress, the sleeves, and the size, and it gets shipped to your door.

And then you get to show off your custom fitted, beautiful little outfit to all those girls walking into the alteration store! (I mean, I never actually make it to that stage...the clothes that don't fit usually end up in a pile. Lazy). 

Something to note: my eyeshadow cleavage from last night's show is still on. I told y'all not to try this at home. It's serious.

I picked a shirt that was originally strapless. Since my chest area doesn't have mountains (get the picture?) strapless stuff just does not work, so I added straps. I also have the world's longest torso and legs and hate when shirts are too short. Which they always are. eShakti solved that problem because I could chose the length of the shirt. Done and done. I can't wait for get something springy and wonderful and custom-y. You should too!

The next step of my program is so simple. Getcha self a blog makeover by the wonderful Erin. Maybe you've been so wrapped up in the wonderful yet interesting writings that you haven't noticed my new bloggy look! Go look! Stop, reading this now and look!

Did you look? Erin was so easy to work with and I love how she took what I was dreaming up in my head and made it happen. A million thank ya's to you, Erin!

Are you feeling funky? Because these things will surely get you free from the funk. 
Friday, I love you. eShakti and Erin, it's obvious all good things start with an "E."
People, sorry there are so many words in this post and so few pictures.
The end. 


Helene said...

ohhh girl i am sorry about that. but i do like the top and the eyeshadow cleavage.

Ashley said...

Ohhhh Abbey Lee Miller. Sorry you've been in a funk lately...I know exactly what you mean. Nothing a good piece (or 20 pieces) of chocolate can't cure! :-)

Super cute top!!! But then again, you're always cute!

And I'm also loving the new design!!

Russ said...



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