March 29, 2013

a march-mas carol

Much like A Christmas Carol, tonight today you will be visited by three ghosts. The Ghost of March Past, the Ghost of March Present, and the Ghost of March Future. And by ghosts, I mean three points in this post that highlight some favorites from the month. 

Therefore, this is A March-mas Carol. So, come in! And know me better, man!
Anyone grow up watching A Muppet's Christmas Carol as much as this girl?

 Favorite of March Past
I was going to do some bad editing and put my face on Michael Caine's face. You're welcome for leaving it this way. 

March was a month that I felt like put its arm around me and said, Dontchu worry, child. No matter how many times you lock your keys in the car and screw up this month, I'll still be here for ya. (Is that too specific of a thing for a month to say? Nah). In fear of sounding like a broken record (Heeeey! Look at me! I performed in Spamalot this month! Haveyaheard?!). I'll just post a picture from my favorite of March past.

Heeey! Look at me! I was in a performance recently! This is breaking news!

Favorite of March Present

Presently, I am enjoying a lovely baguette that one of my student's moms gave me yesterday after class.  Why did she give me a baguette? Not sure. How did she know I could eat bread and bread only for every meal? Not sure. But I am sure glad she gave it to me because it. is. delicious. Perks of being a dance teacher? Getting baguettes. Doesn't that make you all want to become dance teachers?

And because I refuse to take a selfsies with bread, I will leave you with this...
Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up! A.k.a--what Emily will look like after 20 years of carbs carbs carbs.

Most Likely Favorite of March Future
Congratulations, Charleston! You are a lot less gloomy looking than the Ghost of Christmas Future and since you are my March-mas Future you win this photo op.

Das right, tomorrow morning I am headed to the Great and Powerful Oz C-town to spend Easter with the Freddiefriend. I've been nurturing and preparing my stomach for a week now so I am excited to eat the best. foods. ever. like these things...
#4 is the most important of the bunch: Truffle Mac and Cheese. Otherwise known as my choice for my every supper leading up to my last supper, and my last supper. Got it?

And excited to drive across and by these places...

But most importantly, excited to spend lots of lots of time (meaning 3 days. Thanks a lot, long distance. *Hair flip*) with this Hunk of Burnin' Love.
Anyone tired of seeing this picture of FF? Because I'm sure not. Swoon.

There you have it. March Madness erm, I mean A March-mas Carol. I'll leave you with some pictures of Easter Pasts.

Okay, okay. I'll stop now.
Happy Almost April!

Thanks to Ashley for coming up with a great Favorite Things link up!  


Susannah said...

I absolutely adore that you incorporated the Muppet Christmas Carol into this. It's my all time favorite Christmas Movie!!!

Ashley said...

Hair flip!!! We were meant to be friends, Em. We really were.

And how am I just not realizing that that was Michael Caine in A Christmas Carol?!?!?! Where have I been?


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