February 28, 2013

and then i don't feel so sad

This one time I went to see the Sound of Music at the Fox Theatre and got to sing along and throw stuff in the air. Like Rocky Horror Picture Show cult people, but with the freaking Sound of Music. So yes, I sang My Favorite Things. Me and Julie. And 4000 other Atlantans.

I'm singing that today too, except it's My Favorite Things: February Edition. February was an INSANE month. Do you understand that seriousness of the insanity because of the capitalization?? IN-SANE. Freddie got a new job, he moved, we boo-hooed, we laughed, we Valentine-d, I became obsessed with Game of Thrones, I taught, I rehearsed, and there was some sleep in there too.

Typing that all out makes me realize how not insane it sounds. But trust me, it was insane. I tell you what! Instead of yapping and going on about it, hows about I just leave y'all with a picture diary and you can add your own commentary. (your own insane commentary, of course) (you are welcome for the pictures, you skimmers).

This month involved lurve, plays, family, Freddie, beaches, homemade dippin dots, and obviously, a lot of Ron Swanson.

What were your February Favorites?


Jennie said...

I love the sound of music! That sounds like so much fun! And the V-day card is adorable!

kodijo said...

You just lit a passion within me to go to a theater for a Sound of Music sing-a-long. That I want to satisfy RIGHT NOW. How perfect!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Homemade dippin dots?!? How did you do that? I totally sing the favorite things song in my head every time I do a favorite things post :) Happy last day for February!

Rachel Easley said...

Stopping by from the link up...love all the pictures! I always post lots of pics in my posts too! The beach looks awesome. Can' wait to go this summer. Happy Thursday!

Caroline said...

Found you through the link up! These pictures are both hilarious and precious... that Valentine! Gah! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really fun February! :)

Ashley said...

And it's You season. Hahah!

Ok, did you guys really throw stuff and sing loudly during Sound of Music, like in Rocky Horror. I need to know more about this. Because that's pretty great.

Ashley Rane Sparks said...

Ron Swanson! LOVE! My teen daughters love him too!

Also- homemade dippin' dots- what?!? Yummy!

Happy March!
Ashley Rane Sparks

Adrienne Clark said...

Love your pics! The homemade card might be my fav! So cute! Found ya through Alexa! Hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...
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