March 11, 2013

r kelly and e moore: weekend edition

R. Kelly was wrong when it came to a lot of things in his life, bless his heart. But he was sure right when he said, It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun. And by right I mean, those lyrics are all that play through my head starting at about 6 pm every Friday evening. 

There's a reason that that song doesn't say, It is freakin' Monday baby, I'm about to have me some fun.
Except maybe it should go like that because Mondays are made a lot more fun by getting to post about our fun shenanis and relive them, right? (anyone else liking that shenanigan nickname? no?)

Do you ever wish sometimes you could read your blogs out loud to everyone, like audioblogbooks? Because my posts would be soooo much funnier if you could hear the inflections in my head voice as I type. Then you'd be like Oh crap, now I get those weird jokes!

And now you are all thinking about how glad you are that I don't create my posts in audioblogbook form!

Moving on. Yesterday was the first delightfully and deliciously warm sunny day of the year. And I welcomed it with a short sleeve shirt and an extra swipe of deodorant (you are welcome). My nose also welcomed the sun by saying Hey! Burn me! Over here! And the sun graciously obliged. 
Okay, it doesn't look so bad here. Here it just looks like my blush brush accidentally swiped across my nose a few times. False. That did not actually happen. Who doesn't love a good 'ole awkward selfsies every now and then? Mona Lisa, that's who. 

Now I'm going to fast forward and talk about my future weekend shenanigans because I can time travel like that. 

Once Upon a Time I missed performing like whoa. So instead of just helping choreograph a show, I decided to also dance in it. Cue this coming weekend.
If you, like my high school self, watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail because it was the cool and different thing to do, of if you, like most people whether they admit it or not, like fart jokes, then this would probably be your favorite show ever. Is that too many if's? Nah. My fellow dancing gals and I have about 12 costumes changes. All of which involve sparkles, more sparkles, and very little fabric.

And what better way to end a blog post than with just one more crappy phone picture? I can't possibly think of a better ending, so Merry Christmas. Enjoy looking at the 6 inches of our ripped stomachs. Trust me, the blur of the phone quality picture is the reason the 6 packs are not more apparent.



Helene said...

um yes, if people read mine out loud they would realize I am quite hilarious. dangit. and thats awesome that you're performing! break a leg!

Susannah said...

I miss being in shows so much!!! That's awesome that you're in Spamalot! :-) I am the same in wishing I could read my blog posts out loud. I think I'm super funny but, without inflection, you can't always tell. ;-)

Staci said...

You are a genius. All blog posts should be read aloud. For sure. Also, mad love for the Ignition shoutout.

Ashley said...

How fun that you got to perform AND choreograph. Woohoo!! You're looking all snazzy in your costume.

My nose is always the first to go....I can already feel it.

And I'm kinda digging the shenanigans nickname.

Laura Darling said...

Looks like a great weekend! Bummer about the sunburn but so cool that you're in a show!


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