March 18, 2013


Let me start this post off with an apology. Dear blog world and Instagram followers, please forgive me for my overgramming and overposting and oversharing about performing in Spamalot. I realize your interest in this topic is zero to none, especially since 99% of you live nowhere near me and cannot come see the show (what a shame!?!).

If you enjoy a good 'ole Spamalotgram every now and then, follow me on Instagram and I will make all your dreams come true.

Maybe that sounded too raunchy?

With that being said, I will now share my weekend shenanigans through some photonanigans. I would add some interesting writings, but...a) you are all picture skimmers. Admit it. and b) I am exhausted and I think I still have eyeshadow cleavage drawn on my chest so a shower is more important than blog ramblings.

Literally, my entire weekend was a performance and then another performance and then another performance and then 2 more performances, so no, I do not have any non-performance related pictures.

1- Too much fun with wigs. Who knew Justin Bieber wigs would look so great on us? I mean, really.
2- Remember when I said wigs were fun? Point made.
3- Ann showcasing an important message on her little bum.
4- If the Newnan Times Herald was the New York Times, I'd be famous. Anyone want an autograph? 
5- Backstage brides.
6- A cast that goes to Taco Mac together stays together. Or something or other. Thanks, Newnan, for having one restaurant open late. 
7- Channeling Dolly Parton. I mean, Texas. I mean, my hair doesn't like to be in braids and not be washed all weekend.
8- We have a lot of costume changes. 
9- Unclear to why this picture is on my phone, but enjoy

Now, I've glitter bombed every article of real clothing I have worn in the past 72 hours and FYI, eyeshadow cleavage is hard to get off. Don't try this at home, kids.

Did you wash your hair this weekend? Err, and do other fun things?


Helene said...

you are cute and never over sharing. it's a blog!!!

Kodi Jensen said...

That picture of your sister's nice butt with HA on it made my Monday. Oh my goodness.

Ashley said...

I do love a good performance weekend! I wish I could have seen you in it. Wigs are fun...sometimes annoying...but usually fun!!


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