March 6, 2013

on mediocracy

I am the worst when it comes to thinking of blog post topics. If somebody gives me a link-up and tells me some kind of category about which to write, then usually I can throw something out there. However, when it comes to me thinking of things we end up with...

starting paragraphs like that one up there. ^^^ Maybe I should live by the idea that having mediocre posts is totally okay and readers love you and your blog no matter what you post. But I currently live by the idea that every post should be epic and hilarious and noteworthy. Basically, every post should have you lol-ing (rofl-ing preferably).  

What? That's not crazy at all!

But today, today is already halfway over and it's Wednesday and I have no topic and a rambling topic-less beginning paragraph, so hello, Mediocracy, take a seat and stay awhile.

A mediocre post consists of things that are currently on my mind, but that you may or may not (and probably the may not choice) care about. Like every time I delete e-mails in my Spam folder there are several from a Big Willy and I think Ew, every single darn time. 

Or how it is only week 3 of doing this long distance thang with Freddie and I'm having about as much fun as a nekkid game of 52 card pickup in the snow. And I've seen him every weekend. Am I pathetic much? Probs. Long hair, don't care. 

It doesn't help when I get pictures like this:
Hey, Charleston. You are purdy. 

Also, yesterday was our anniversary. I posted this picture on good 'ole Facebook and whaddaya know? It got more likes than that pretty beach picture up there. Geez louise, so this is what middle school girls feel like when they get a lot of "like" notifications on FB?! I'm glowing and giggly. 

The point is...what? The point is that yesterday instead of drawing on thick-as-a-crayon black eyeliner and listening to sad music, I tried to add "2" into all conversations in celebration of 2 years with the FF. The point is that it is March in Atlanta and instead of playing outside in the parks for fun, I am taking steaming hot showers for fun since it is so cold outside. 

The point is that Wednesday mediocracy is just a-okay.


Adrienne Clark said...

You for sure made me laugh esp with the nekkid comment. Super cute pic!


Ashley Robyn said...

Wednesday are so far from the past weekend and too far from the upcoming weekend. I blame Wednesday for the Wednesday blues I sometimes get. Lol


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