July 20, 2015

on riding with rick

Freddie asked me to go on a bike ride with him this past Saturday. Actually, technically I think I said we should go on a bike ride. 

Which is crazy because I don't even enjoy bike rides. Am I the only one who has these delusional moments where you seem to completely forget every past negative feeling on a certain subject and your brain tricks you into thinking you actually like said certain subject?

That's what happened to me this past Saturday. I was the one who said we should take a bike ride together. I mean why not?! Bike rides are great! (<<my brain in a delusional state). They're a fun way to explore our new city! (<<my brain deeper in the delusional state). Plus it's good exercise! (<<my brain disregarding the 100+ degree weather while in its delusion state). 

Saturday came. We slept in. It got hotter outside. We got up. It got hotter outside. We decided to go on a bike ride around the park. It got hotter outside. I tried to get out of bike riding because Freddie can ride so much faster without slow me. It got hotter outside. Freddie played a mind trick on me and somehow convinced me a longer bike ride was the way to go.

And guess what? It got even hotter outside all while this was happening. Shocking!
Now what's a girl to do when she's bike riding with her bike riding loving husband in the Texas heat in the hottest part of an already hot day?

Complain, obviously. 
That's what!

Every time the guy and girl pass a potential water stop the girl should always say they need to stop for water. Because heat stroke, hello. I'm already terrible at drinking water and I think we chugged three to four giant water bottles while out yesterday. Chugged. And never had to pee. Is that TMI? No. Look, I'm just trying to share my near death by biking dehydration experience with you all so I can help someone avoid this tragedy in their future. I straight up had a Cheryl Strayed Wild moment yesterday! No jokes! (except all jokes because I never ever ever could be that hardcore) (except I have ripped off lots and lots of my bruised toenails before, thanks pointe)

What else is a girl to do?

Bargaining is one of the five stages of grief, after all. And when you're outside for 4+ hours on a bike that hurts your freaking crotch (BUT FOR REAL) life kind of feels like a big ball of tragedy. Grieving is only natural and you should definitely bargain. 

-Please God, if you let me survive this bike ride I promise I will start singing hymns instead of Rihanna songs.

-If I can just make it through the death rays of the sun, I promise I will almost always do a top notch application of sunscreen before heading outside. 

-Body, I'm sorry I only drink 20% of the recommended daily intake amount of water. If you don't pass out I promise I will chug at least fifty gallons on water when we get home. 

Bargaining may sound dramatic to you now, but once you're entangled in the pretzel ball of tragedy suddenly this will all seem very, very logical. 

Four hours and twelve miles later, we got home.
Dripping in sweat.
Barely breathing.
Waddling (me) because bike seats (ow).
And I only chugged half a gallon of water (sorry for the broken bargaining promise, body!).

All in all, it was actually, kinda, sorta fun. I can say this now that it is only a mere memory and I am currently sitting in an air conditioned apartment drinking an ice cold water. Yes, I guess this bike ride was fun. Ish. 
Let's do it again next week and/or never!


Ruth said...

Um, bike riding hurts my crotch like no other and I find it so unpleasant. Thank you because I thought I was literally the only one. Everyone else is like, "Hey, let's be so cool on our bikes all the time."

Katie Skare said...

Haha, yes! I have totally done that before, where your brain somehow magically forgets how much you dislike a certain activity until you are right in the middle of it again. It is a love/hate relationship for sure. You described that so perfectly!

Meg Taylor said...

Haha I like the bargaining idea! I enjoy bike riding and sight seeing, but Mike likes bike marathons. You and I could definitely enjoy the same type of ride lol!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Haha this cracked me up! I kind of want a bike. The last time I rode a bike was in 2012 when I was studying abroad and I hadn't ridden a bike in YEARS. We did a bike tour of Melbourne...my crotch was in SO MUCH PAIN the next day. So I'd definitely start out slowly. And probably never ride 12 miles in a day.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i ride a bike like, once every 5 years. and i am okay with that lol.

Jenna Griffin said...

Bahaha, I can only imagine how hot it was! I grew up in a bike riding family, and we would go on hundred mile rides "for fun"! Somehow...I missed the fun part every time. Looking back, though, the rides made for fun memories! :)

IamSuperMelski said...

Lol too funny! But yeah, been there too. Only we were out for a jog in super hot weather. I felt like I was going to die! Poor thing! No to bike rides in any season (except maybe for spring time). Hahaha.

Elle Sees said...

too funny--i feel the same way about bike riding. sitting in ac with cold water (or sweet tea for me, hehe) is so much better! ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

Lol you're hilarious. I freaking LOVE biking. In fact, I wish I owned a bike. We have nowhere to put them now but you better believe when we get a house I'm buying myself one! ;) glad you two survived!!!

Kylie said...

This is hilarious. Bikes are so uncomfortable unless you have a big granny seat on it. And I feel your pain riding in that weather! I am in SW Florida and it would be equally as brutal to ride at that time during the day!!! Way to go finishing it though!! :)


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