October 26, 2015

things i learned about life from playing tetris

Patricia stopped by Houston this past weekend for a visit, and boy oh boy did she pack in some rain. Thanks, Patty. Really. It's super fun staying indoors for 48+ hours. ::insert eleven side eyes emojis::

Freddie and I were super productive during this Patric-ation. We did a little of this (sitting on our butts), a little of that (sitting on our butts), and we even squeezed in some dog cuddles. Some major dog cuddles.

One thing we actually did accomplish was pulling out the good ol' Nintendo 64 to play some Tetris. You see, we're 130,000 lines away from building the Egyptian Wonder so we had no choice but to play and get some lines.

It was in these dark, stormy, intricately-fitting-blocks-together days of the weekend when I had an a-ha moment (read: I was going stir crazy).
Playing Tetris is like playing life.
Important side note: By life, I mean life life and not the game, Life. Of course.

Without further ado,
Three Things I Learned About Life From Playing Tetris
It's okay when things (pieces) don't work out (fit together). 
You see, the point of Tetris is to fit the pieces together perfectly--one hundred percent perfectly so that no space is left open. Let me give you a guess at how often I fit everything together perfectly because it's about as often as I do anything perfectly in my life (again, my life life, not the game, Life). Hint: it rhymes with schemever. That's right, NEVER. I never freaking remember to grab Freddie's dry cleaning when I'm over on that side of town. I never remember people's names when I first meet them. I never mail people's birthday cards on time. On that note, I never get the yellow Tetris piece to fit in the space where the blue Tetris piece needs to go. <<<I KNOW, RIGHT?!

It's not about how many lines you get or your score, it's about the wonders you uncover along the way. 
Are you gagging yourself and/or rolling your eyes yet? Sometimes we (read: I) get so caught up in getting things done that we (I) kind of forget to notice all the little things that are accomplished along the way. Life is a journey, not a destination. But really, nine times of ten when we go grocery shopping I get annoyed that Freddie is taking ten hours picking out produce. Literally, it feels like ten hours. <<that is me not exaggerating. I always think of all the other things we need to be doing, and how now they'll all take longer because we've wasted almost half of our day in the produce section of the grocery store. Then Freddie finds crazy new fruits and vegetables to try, and then he cooks me delicious meals, and then we laugh and tell work stories over dinner, and then I realize how ridiculous I was being, and then I write a run-on sentence about it all in my blog post. 

Enjoy the journey, people. Oh yeah, and play Tetris so you can make some pretty cool wonders. 

Freddie is always better than me. 
What?! How did this life lesson get in here? I asked Freds for his input and this is what he came up with. Obviously. It is true that Freddie will always, without a doubt, score higher than me in Tetris, but I wouldn't necessarily say he is better than me. Because remember, people---it is not about your score! Otherwise I would be screwed... Let's just say we both have our own particular skills when it comes to life and to Tetris. I help people find their neutral pelvis so that they can get a deeper abdominal connection so that they can improve their overall posture, and he gets more lines than me in Tetris. We both win at life. The End. 

Here's hoping that the coming weekend is rain-free so that I can go outside...and not compare life to a video game ever again! 
Happy Monday!


Erin LFF said...

Who knew such great life lessons could come from Tetris?! Thank goodness it's okay when my pieces aren't all fitting together- because that is the story of my life completely!!

Meg Taylor said...

I love this post - Tetris solves all life's questions and problems. Your family portrait is the cutest, too :)

Darcy said...

Love this post!! My hubby and I used to LOVE to play Tetris on N64 when we first started dating. May need to bring it back out!!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

"...and then I write a run-on sentence about it all in my blog post" cracked me up. You are so wise. Also the picture of you guys cuddling with your pup is so cute!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

hahaha girl you are hilarious!! all of this is so true, and makes me want to play tetris.

Kayla MKOY said...

Only you could take a game of Tetris and make it into some deep, amazing post. I LOVE IT! You're so so so right, and seriously...I couldn't agree more. Thank goodness its OKAY when we don't get everything right, we can always hit the "reset" button and try again - right? PS I'm loving that photo of you two and your new pup!!!!

Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

OMG I absolutely love this! I draw this comparison pretty often!

Laura Darling said...

I love this! And so true! Bummer you had a rainy weekend but glad you were able to relax!


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