October 2, 2015

on having favorites on a friday

Insert obligatory paragraph HERE about how I cannot believe it's already October. But really, how is it already October? I feel like I was just eating Halloween candy the other day...

Favorite Jam
This Girl by Punch Brothers
Anyone ever listen to Nickel Creek? Now, don't get too excited. I knew you thought I was going  Nickleback there. The dude, Chris Thile, sings in many bands, apparently, and Punch Brothers is one of them. Enjoy my current car jam where I pretend I am the girl that is this girl that they are singing about, obvi.

Favorite Food
Freddie made broccoli slaw and ohmygosh. Oh my gosh! I have never been so excited to eat nasty green vegetables.
Every morning when I wake up I get excited knowing that I get to eat that dang broccoli slaw for lunch. Mmmm! I'm excited all over again just typing it out now. Is it lunch yet and/or can I eat broccoli slaw for lunch? Can I say broccoli slaw any more times before it gets annoying?
^^ sad update: Freddie finished it all last night. My life has no meaning. Carry on.

Favorite Expensive Thing I Want
This category is going to start being a weekly regular because a) apparently I want a lot of expensive things and b) maybe someone will read this blog, take a/some hint(s), and Christmas will be full of expensive surprises. #wishfulthinkingfriday
But how cute and necessary are these?! Emphasis on the necessary
Found here. Hint hint. Wink wink. 

Favorite Pilates Move 
a.k.a.--I just wanted another reason to make a fun gif. 
Side plant to twist. This picture is brought to you by a) post-workout sweating stank bod, Freddiehusband, and our kitchen floor. Cheers, enjoy. May your side plank to twist form look better than mine. 

Favorite It's Obviously 2015 Thing
Do you ever wonder how people shared big life events in the past? Like how did you let everyone know your baby had a blowout in his or her diaper before Facebook? And how did you tell all of your friends you were engaged before texting? Those times must have been hard times. Snail mail should be called snore mail because I would have fallen asleep waiting to hear all of my friends' big news. It feels like all of my friends are getting engaged and married and it is all SO exciting! Rings! Weddings! Parties! One of my friends made this collage using the pictures that we all texted to one another to spread the news that we were engaged and not underage.
Oh, no one cares about this picture other than me? Weird. Well, whatever. I love it!

Happy Friday! 
And Happy October. May your fall be cooler than 89 degrees, but warmer than 8 or 9 degrees. 

pee-ssss: Thank you all so much for your helpful comments and blogging advice from Wednesday's post. You (plural) da best. 
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Erin LFF said...

That broccoli slaw looks DE-LISH! I think Freddie should start a food blog (or at least a monthly post on yours!) and share all his cooking smarts with the world! Your gif is AWESOME.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Those shoes are so pretty!

Darcy said...

Those shoes are adorable! I've definitely got a "want list" of expensive items that I will probably never actually get unless someone else buys them for me haha!

Amanda @ this IS my real hair said...

THAT RING IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! <wow who was that girl lol
Do you know what happened to me though? My mother-in-law posted on facebook that my husband was proposing before he did it. Literally, more than one person responded to my "I'm engaged!!" text with, "I know." Are you effin kidding me?! NOT COOLLLLLLL.

I cannot believe you just shared a photo of a homemade food, after I shared the horror of my McDonalds eating ways... I am so so ashamed lol

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

1. Broccoli slaw is amazing. 2. I should start doing favorite expensive thing Friday because my mom now reads my blog daily. But I did post a crap ton of things I want today hoping she'll get on it and order them for me for Christmas. 3. 89 degrees/8 or 9 degrees cracked me up. Your posts always make me giggle. Keep it up. Or else.


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