October 5, 2015

help me: a fall fashion wish list plea

Happy Monday!

We all know why you're here today...to get some good ol' fashion tips.
Oh wait, I'm sorry. Brain fart. I must have confused myself with someone who actually knows a thing or fifty about fashion. 

You came by here today to help me with whatever my current life fashion crisis is. Thank goodness you're here because this fashion crisis is a doozy! A dizzalicious doozy. Dizzamn! I've got a doozy! 

Okay, I'm done. Moving on. 

Fall Fashion
There are three super important items on my Fall Fashion Wish List. (and then there are about six more slightly super important items on the list, too). Problem is, I don't know/can't decide which exact item of each to get. 

Life is hard.
help me
Help me, I'm poor helpless.

Floppy hat

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Last week when I jokingly seriously asked if I should get a floppy hat, everybody and their mom/dad/aunt said, Yes! Actually, most people said YES! and I can't not get one when caps lock is involved. But do I want a fun, fall color? Or a basic, neutral color? Or both? Or neither? See, this is complicated. 

Backpack purse

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Sole Society is winning it. 

Two big reasons this style purse appeals to me:
1) It's cute.
2) Pilates training has made me a tad crazy/over aware, and now I feel all uneven and lopsided when I wear my crossbody bag. The horror, I know. Let's fix it!

Faux leather leggings

1 | 2

I go back and forth about these babies, and yes, these are important enough that I spend a significant amount of my brain space thinking about them. I've seen them on some people and the crotch is baggy and the knees are baggy and they look weird. But Moooooooom, I don't want baggy crotch fake leather leggings. Whine whine. After much research, Spanx and Hue win for best brands. Which ones do we (yes, we collectively) get?

What's on your fall fashion wish list?
Should we just only wear pumpkin colored fashion items this year? #basic


Meg Taylor said...

I know you're joking, but I love fashion advice and ideas from people like you. I feel like I can relate to you and maybe actually pull off some of your ideas. I mean, I still CANNOT do hats besides baseball caps, but now I really want some leather leggings... though I might end up looking like bad Sandy ;)

Morgan Gifford said...

Oh man I love me some leather leggings. And those floppy hates are to die for!
Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i am no help with the leather leggings or the floppy hat, as neither are my jam, but i would like one or all 4 of those bags please, but especially #4. now I'm scared to ask about the crossbody bag.. is it super bad? i remember when i was a teenager and we would all wear our backpacks on one shoulder using only one strap and all the parents and teachers went nuts about it lol

Anne said...

I've been sporting a cognac backpack this fall and am loving it. #1 and #4 are especially fab. And I wish I could pull off the hat! Love #2 and #3. If you wear a lot of neutrals, definitely go for the burgundy - such a great rich color and will really spice up an outfit.

Kayla MKOY said...

I think the floppy fall hats are adorable but don't think I can pull them off. You totally could though, I'd go for a neutral color cause you could wear it all year round! ;)


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