October 23, 2015

friday favorites: the would you rather...? edition

Favorite Jam
Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin...but I'll listen/dance to any version. I'm not picky. 
There's something about this song that makes me want to live in a world where we all just grab the nearest person to be our dance partner and start dancing away. I mean, doesn't it make you want to do that?? Why don't we live in a world like that? Is that world somewhere beyond the sea? Har har har. Okay, listen, grab a dance partner, and dance!

Favorite Food
Friday favorites froyo
Does froyo count as food? Because it is my post-Whole30 jam. Here's how froyo goes down with us...
Me: combines every chocolate flavor with every chocolate and gummy topping
Freds: gets one fruit flavor with one or two fruit toppings
My creation = dessert
Freddie's creation = disgrace to the froyo gods
The End. 

Favorite Workout Article of Clothing I Need
that may or may not be expensive...
I know I've said this before, and about fifty times at that, but this should really read Favorite Workout Article of Clothing I Think I Need For These Next Five Minutes Until I Find Another Article I Need Even More. But is that a mouthful or is that a mouthful?! It's a mouthful. These high waisted Glyder leggings are what I'm choosing to love for the next five-ish minutes. I think high waisted things were made not to be made fun of, but for me to embrace and love as I go to workout after eating a handful of chocolate. High waisted pants, granny me loves you long time.

Favorite Pilates Move 
My brain/body is still recovering after learning a thousand-gajillion-mazillion new Pilates moves this past training weekend. That's code for two hundred forty six. Nothing like some Pilates to help you recover from a lot of Pilates. Mermaid helps you feel lengthened and stretched. Pro-tip: Keep hips and shoulders square. Pretend you are in a toaster and go up and over to the side. If you go front/back and over then you will get burned in the toaster and it will hurt. Use you top obliques to pull you back to the top.

Favorite Halloween Candy
I wrote this category and then sat here typing nothing for the past two minutes. This is an impossible category. How can you pick just one Halloween candy?! You can't. But you know how you play that Would You Rather...? game as kids and you HAVE TO PICK an answer NO MATTER WHAT? Okay, so if I had to pick an answer, no matter what, I would say...that it's too hard so I'll pick a mix.

This mixlooks puh-retty delicious.

Happy Friday!
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Helene in Between said...

beyond the sea is the BEST. love that so much. and i need those workout pants.

Meg Taylor said...

There is a peanut and peanut butter lovers mix?! I need to find that this year for Halloween - sorry kids with peanut allergies :-\

Anne said...

Yes yes YES on the froyo (except minus the gummies for me). I don't understand people who get fruit flavors. What is the point if it's not chocolate? Speaking of, I buy only the fruity candies for Halloween for that very reason :) Mark that temptation off the list!

p.s. mermaid is my mom's favorite too, ha.

Carly Messmer said...

You're right - how does someone choose a favorite Halloween candy? I'm on team Snickers and Reese Cups, although I wouldn't turn down really anything.

Happy weekend!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Whenever I get froyo I'm like, "I should get fruit." And then I'm like, "Oh wait, but chocolate and marshmallow cream and caramel and delicious things exist" so I don't. That peanut butter mix would make great froyo toppings.

Katie Skare said...

Such a wonderful song! I agree that it changes your whole mood when you hear it!

Darcy said...

I haven't had froyo in forever and now I am totally craving it!!

Candace Shiflet said...

I dunno where I heard that song, beyond the sea, but I know I've heard it before and I really love it!! i loveee good classic songs like that, they just make me happy :) Is that yogurtland froyo?! I LOVE froyo so much haha it's seriously SO GOOD. I always add in a bunch of cheesecake and cookie dough bites:) it's a sin not to!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

my favourite is 'dream lover'. i may or may not be listening to it right now. its the best!


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