October 31, 2014

this is halloween. this is halloween.

Well, it's Halloween. 
Which means I am currently either A) in a candy coma 
or B) about to be in a candy coma 
or C) already in a candy coma, but so out of it I don't realize I am in said candy coma.

Man, being a kid. It's so cool, yet not-so-cool. When you're a kid you can actually go trick-or-treating without being judged. You get lots of candy, but you have parents and adults telling you you can only have 4 pieces of candy or else you'll get a tummy ache! Boo, tummy aches, amiright? Then you grow up and you are the adult and HA! You can eat all the candy you want. Best part of life ever! Except your metabolism is not what it was when you were 5 and only eating 4 pieces of candy. Now you are 25 and eating 44 pieces of candy and tummy aches and weight gain and all that good stuff comes with Halloween (so that's why adults just have parties and drink on Halloween...)

So, Happy Halloween!
May your candy selection be so good that you don't even care about metabolism and other silly things.
I know I don't care.
^^I ate my third mini Milky Way bar of the morning as I typed that up there. 

In honor of this candylicious holiday, I will now take you back for many a Flashback Fridays: Halloween edition.

A painted pumpkin before Pinterest made it cool. It's like my parents invented Pinterest or something.

Forget about Emily the Bunny in this one. Let's talk about how punny it is that my brother, Joseph, was Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. Ha! Bible humor, the best. I don't think Emily the Bunny came from a Bible story...

Looks like this was a year Young Em needed to eat some more candy in order to fit in her Belle costume.

The year was 1993. The costume was Snow White. But my mother made me be a Snow White with a white turtleneck. Do you remember seeing Snow White wear a turtleneck under her dress in the movie? No, you didn't. Because it would have ruined her outfit and then the Prince might have never fallen in love with her and then the dwarves would have never found her after she bit the apple and life as we know it would have never happened. But, that Snow White in that picture. She had to wear a turtleneck so she didn't get sick from the cold. I classify this in the why my life was hard as a young child file.

This Madeline didn't need red hair to be a sassy. Brown hair, don't care. Pooh-Pooh to you, Mr. Tiger in the zoo.

There you have it. The Golden Years, when surviving off of a sugar high was just another day in the books. Childhood, you were good to me. Candy, be good to me today.

Happy Halloween!
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Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my goodness you were an adorable little kid...and your momma made you wear a turtleneck under that Snow White costume? At least you still look cute! Haha! Too funny...and yeah, pretty sure your parents invented Pinterest. ;)

Courtney B said...

This is the best flashback Friday EVER! These pictures are too adorable!!
Happy Halloween and enjoy your candy coma ;)

Jenna Griffin said...

These photos are soooo amazing, and I love that painted pumpkin!


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