October 24, 2014

heart full of hope, belly full of candy

I haven't written my obligatory OMGFALL post yet and thought today would be an excellent time to do so.

Because oh my goodness gracious heavens alive, fall! Am I right? There's something so magical and mystical and beautiful and wonderful about fall. I tried for a long time yesterday to find the right words to describe what fall does to me and my emotions. After hours of word searching all I could come up with was that it makes me feel hopeful

Gag me. 
But don't gag me because that would mess up this full of hope thing I've got going on over here. 
Fall is when I want to give Freds all the squeezelicious hugs.
Fall is when I want to constantly tell my family and friends how I mega love the crap ton outta them.
Fall is when it's okay if things don't go as planned because it's fall, for crying out loud, and things not going as planned just isn't as big of a deal as last week when it didn't feel like fall.
Fall is when I can write a blog post and use the word fall 11 times and no one cares. 

Since I can't find the words to describe my euphoria (eufallria? eh? eh?), I'll just leave you with pretty fall pictures and we'll call it a day. 

The scenery.
The trees.
The colors of the...leaves.
Betcha thought I was going to quote Pocahontas and say wind, huh?
As a kid, jumping into a pile of leaves was almost as fun as getting to jump on hotel beds. Although, the leaves thing was a lot prettier and more colorful. 

The bottomless amount of Halloween candy.
I realize Halloween candy does hit a bottom and it's called two days after Halloween (because one day after it all the half off candy, holla!), however my stomach feels like a bottomless pit made for candy around this time of year. 
Spoiler alert (laced with sarcasm): I look sooo good in a leotard during these fall candy months. 

The reminder that Christmas and all good things are just around the corner.
Yes, I do realize Hobby Lobby has been reminding us of this point since June, but shhh. That kind of just makes me love Hobs Lobs even more...

The crafts
Apparently something in the fall air makes Ricky craft with me because TimeHop is throwing up all sorts of Ricky craft time pictures from fall's past. Can't say I hate having a handy and handsome husband. I also could never say that I abhor alliteration. 

My jams.
These two albums are kinda all that my ears and sweet lil' fall soul need right now. They go on repeat and I go in jammin' mode. 
Don't hate. Just jam.

I also love the carmel-y apple way my living room smells right now (thanks, FeBreeze), and the snuggly family goodness time I know is coming up, and food that Freds makes (but I love that during 'erry season), and I even love the cooler temps (even though I complain about being cold for 23 hours out of the day).

Hey, fall. I sure do hope you plan on sticking around. 
Why do you love fall?
And don't tell me you don't or your blogging privileges get taken away. 

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Madi said...

I super duper love fall because of sweaters and boots and hot chocolate and snuggles. I love the colors of fall, the crisp air, the change of the earth, and moving toward the holidays. I love the food of fall, HELLO SOUP! and EVERYTHING ABOUT FALL OMG. Especially listening to James Taylor. He's the perfect fall music if you ask me. :)

Erin LFF said...

Love it :) Carmel-apple smells, candy and good music is where it's at. A couple nights ago Jared and I just let Mumford and Son's documentary/tour type of thing on Netflix play in the background while we chatted and played cards. Sigh, fall! :)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Seriously I don't want Fall to end ever!!! I'm so with you on the candy! Mark just brought me home a handful that he picked up from the bank yahtzee!


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