November 5, 2014

on to thanksgiving

Thank goodness Halloween is over. For many reasons, but mostly because my ears were hurting from teaching sugar-high children all day. 

Another less-but-kinda-more important reason I am glad is because now we get to...

One of the first things I made Freddie talk about when we moved into our new place (on September 29, 2014) was where we should put the Christmas tree. Tall ceilings call for tall trees. Big living rooms call for fat trees. Tall ceilings and big livings rooms call for the most perfect Christmas tree ever. 

I can't wait. 
But I have to wait because it's only November 5 and I still have my Boo pumpkin out by our vat of leftover Halloween candy so obviously we're in a mid-holiday limbo crisis over here. 

This past weekend we made a super fast weekend trip to Georgia. Super fast Georgia weekend trips stress. me. out. When I say stress me out I don't mean it in the normal every day stress omg I might get a stress zit kind of way, I mean it in the I could develop an ulcer or five from trying to see everyone and do everything with limited weekend hours. My family lives there. Freddie's family lives there. 90% of our friends live there. Whine whine. Life is really hard when you've got great people in it and your family just won't go ahead and move to Charleston, right? 


We started the weekend by seeing my sister as Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
If you've never seen Rocky Horror live, then go. Go and just sit back and take it all in. Yes, even take in the shouts of "slut!" and other just wonderful words. It was an experience, that's for sure. I thought seeing the movie was an experience, but seeing it live with advanced Rocky Horror fans in the audience took my experience from a 5 to a 25 on the level of weirdness. 
Now, seeing my sister with a frizzy red wig, creepy ghost make-up and a French maid outfit? Totes normal, obvi. 

From there we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday in the best possible way: 70 jello shots and a bonfire. I mean, hello! Nothing like a jello shot to help ya warm up in the 30 degree weather. Also I never feel like I'm drinking when I take a jello shot because I prefer my jello shot with a spoon and then I slowly eat it just as I would if I was 6 and eating a jello cup in my school cafeteria for lunch. Bliss! Pure bliss.
Also, screw Halloween candy. Oreos on top of an ice cream cake wins. 

Now I have a very important announcement to make:
I, Emily, am very sorry I ever said I was excited for cooler weather. As I turned into an ice cube inside of an ice cube inside of a slushie held by a snowman this weekend, I remembered why I dislike the cold--because my body doesn't know how to survive in the cold. I sit there with a 24/7 case of goose bumps no matter how many layers in which I am bundled. So, Mother Nature, please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies and bring back the 70 degrees really, really soon. 
Yours truly,
Frozen like the movie Emily


Helene in Between said...

agreed, halloween candy does not compare to a cake like that. I've never seen rocky horror live and I need to see it!

Kelli Gilbert said...

so fun! glad I stumbled upon your blog! love that you discussed where to put a christmas tree right away! hahaha

Ashley said...

I still have my Boo pumpkin on the porch, and was thinking about getting another one, but decided to just turn it around. :) So you get a Boo when you walk out the front door. Hah! I can't wait to see your Christmas tree...I think about the same things when I move in a new space..where am I going to put the Christmas tree and all the decorations?! Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! And ps..your family should totally move to Charleston. I should too. Or maybe y'all should just all move to NC. Just thinking out loud here.

Kayla MKOY said...

Sooo is it too late to even CARVE a pumpkin?? It's s technically fall.... LOL Caleb and I didn't make it happen last month :( but oh well. Looks like an amazing weekend. Yes, Oreos for the win all the time.

And girl, please get the fattest, tallest, most ginormous Christmas tree you can find!!!!!!!!

Courtney B said...

I'm in mid holiday limbo as well!! I tried talking Eric into putting Christmas up but NOPE! I have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving (lame!)
What a great weekend! I'm actually sad to see October go... I had so much fun with Mia! I don't really know what else to look forward to this month besides Thanksgiving (which feels so far away at the moment!)

Erin LFF said...

That cake + oreos looks AMAZING! :) We have seriously put our Christmas tree somewhere else in our house every year since we've been married- lol. We're weird !

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I have been wanting the cold but like can't it just stay 70 and that's it? :)

Laynah said...

So awesome that your sister was Magenta in rocky horror picture show haha!


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