October 7, 2014

so fresh, so clean

Fact: I can't dress myself.

Hey, don't roll your eyes. It's true! I could give you a lot of smaller facts like I wear a lot of grey (boring), I'm under the impression that earrings look dumb on me (blame my baby size ear lobes), and accessorizing is like cooking (read: something at which I suck), but I figured it'd be a lot less time consuming just to sum up all this with that there big 'ole fact. I, Emily, cannot dress myself.

This terrible disability has been in my blood for years, but it really manifested 3.5 years ago when I started my dance teaching job. The dance teaching job that requires me to be in leotard/tights and/or exercise clothes 5 or 6 days out of the week. Yoga pants and stretchy shirts?! Emily, that is so swooooon worthy. <<<what you're thinking right now. Tell that to the portion of my brain that used to create outfits so I looked like an acceptable member of society. Tell that to my legs as they've forgotten the jeans-on-skin feeling (but whose legs like jeans anyways?!).

Enter Klosets by Kelsey.
photo by OWN Boudoir photography

Kelsey and her husband, Jeff, entered our lives a few short months ago when a mutual Georgia Tech friend "hooked us up." Hmm, suggested we meet? Not sure how to word that without sounding majorly creep creepy over here. Anyways, I think the precious Lawd himself knew what he was doing (obvi) when he picked Charleston for the four of us to meet because Kelsey has popped up at a time in my life when I desperately needed a teacher friend in whom to confide my daily doubts and struggles.

Oh yeah, and when I desperately needed some major fashion help. Emphasis on the major. My life was spinning out of control. True story and not dramatic at all. I could not dress myself without sending several selfies to my sister with the desperate does this look okay???? are you sure???? caption.
Enjoy this collection of 4 of the 400 pictures like this. Thanks, Ann-y Poo!

Kelsey started a personal styling business here in Charleston and as soon as we talked about her mission for starting up this business I knew I needed to hire her to refresh my wardrobe. You see, to Kelsey refreshing wardrobes means a lot more than just going through clothes. It means focusing on the client, pinpointing exactly what makes them feel beautiful and what makes them tick. Our session started with a consultation where Kelsey asked questions about my life, not just the clothes in my closet. She wanted to understand erry' little thing about me in order to let this crazy woman named Emily shine through my overall style!

The actual refreshing part began with a major closet clean-up.
Oh hey, wanna laugh? Freddie and I had moved 5 days before this Wardrobe Refresh took place and I had been patting myself on the back at the amount of clothes I had gotten rid of before moving. Um, joke's on me because Kelsey and I (mostly Kelsey) were able to weed out a very large tub full of clothes. Ahhh, purging never felt so good.

From there the styling began.
Outfits on outfits on outfits. Combinations I never ever ever thought to put together. Clothes I had never ever ever worn suddenly had new lives.

The whole time I was trying on clothes and squealing ohmigawdhowareyousomagical, Kelsey was reorganizing the layout of my closet. I feel like the Queen of England every time I enter it now. And yes, I am totally aware that Queen Elizabeth's closet is probably a little bit bigger than 5x6, but let me have my queen moment.

3 hours, 20+ outfits, and zero money spent later I was like a new less crazy and well-dressed woman. Kelsey, you are a wardrobe sorceress.

So I guess my point is...check her out! Hire her (she does e-styling, hint hint)! Then come to Chucktown to visit us and we'll all go out downtown looking really seski in our newfound and newly refreshed wardrobes.

Fact: I can now dress myself, all thanks to Klosets by Kelsey


Ashley said...

This is awesome!! I love those outfits she chose.

But, in your defense...I think you always look cute, there's nothing wrong with gray, and you're right...dance clothes makes everything else seem like so much effort!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

so 1, that's awesome! and 2, that picture of her is stunning!

Kayla MKOY said...

Girlfriend you always look cute! But now you ARE SMOKIN! ;) love that concept of re-working your current wardrobe.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

How fun - I love the combinations she put together! Sometimes it really helps to get a fresh set of eyes to see all the possibilities hanging right there in our closets!


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