August 20, 2014

on not writing wedding vows

This week is kind of a big deal. I mean yes, my classes started back up and I'm teaching all the children. And yes, it actually didn't rain this past weekend which meant beach, beach, beach and more beach time. 

But this week takes the cake because it is leading up to...
drumroll, please.

...our first anniversary
Any excuse is a good excuse when you want an excuse to use a wedding picture. 

Son of a summer nutcracker. How did we get here so quickly? I mean, let's take a trip through the bloggity world time hop and you'll see that I was writing about wedding vows this time last year. See?

But enough about that. Because while I could literally sit here for hours thinking of clever ways to say, "Time flies when you're having fun, amiright?!" or "Holy Shittake Mushroom, one year feels like one month!" And other stuff like that, we'll save all that wit for after our weekend anniversary celebrations.

In the meantime, just know that this picture sums up life lately.
Deep sigh-ahhhh.

Sometimes ya just need a good 'ole beach sunset picture, no filter style, to help you take a deep breath and relax. 
Now, how many champagne toasts are acceptable to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Because we're thinking of averaging about 5 toasts per day this weekend...


Ashley said...

Yay for your one year anniversary!!! Congratulations!! I feel like this year has flown by!

Erin LFF said...

That first year truly does fly. Cliche as it might be, it's true! I feel like I was JUST stalking your blog for wedding pics/updated! :) Happy almost-one-year, you lovebirds! I need a beach and a sunset too, fyi.

Kayla MKOY said...

Seriously how DOES the first year fly so quickly?!!!! So darn happy for you and Freddiefriend!


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