August 29, 2014

let's call today factual friday

I have dry skin all around my eyes. It's gross and really just makes no sense. Sometimes it gets so dry that it relentlessly stings. Most of the time the skin around my eyes looks flakey and I often wonder what people think when they look me in the eyes while talking to me. 

Gross, Emily. Take care of yourself.
Gross, Emily. Are you a leper?

It was time to delve into the mystery of the dry skin around my eyes. I decided that part of the problem was probably most definitely my 11-yr-old-about-to-blindly-go-through-puberty skin routine. Which is as follows:
Wash face in morning.
Put on Freddie's man face lotion (that he got on sale) because it smells good.
Use makeup wipe to take off makeup at night because, hello lazy, meet wipes.
Rinse off face with water.
Use zit zapping cream.
Repeat every day. 

What is that you say? That I'm old enough to rent a car so I shouldn't be using man face lotion because it smells good? I'm no better than the teenage girls that flock to the doors of Abercrombie because OMG THE COLOGNE. Smell it. 

I did what any child stuck in an adult body would do and went to find myself a legit skin routine. One to make the masses jealous. One to soothe my burning/flakey/disgusting eye skin.

I learned a lot about myself during those 15 minutes in the drug store skin care aisle. Like that I don't know the difference between ULTRA hydration lotion and lotion for sensitive skin. I do, however, know that Freddie's $3 man face lotion is a whole lot cheaper than normal people face washes, and lotions, and creams.

But...but, but, but my biggest lesson of the day was that yes, I will be the woman in my mid-thirties with wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dry flakey skin around my eyes. Yes, that will be moi (I figure I'm an overachiever because I already have 2 of those 3 problems down pat and I'm only in my mid-twenties). 

My premature aging will be all because I chose the ULTRA hydration lotion and eye cream over the set for sensitive skin. You live and learn, people. 

P.s.- what in the world is a serum? How is it not a cream or a lotion? I like throwing out words that all mean the same things, too!

Have a great weekend!
And remember, that dry skin around your eyes is not leprosy. 


Trina O'Neil said...


I so know how you feel. However, I am a women in my early 40's. If you are more interested in getting a detailed idea of what skin care you should be using, I can direct you to my website that can do just that for you. Now granted I am an Avon Independent Representative and NO I am not trying to sell you anything. I have a however a website that you can use to tell you exactly what things to look for when you want to use a skin care regimen.

The product that we have for uneven skin is called Absolute Even and I am here to honestly say it is awesome. You can check out and see what she says in her review.

No strings attached, no selling of anything just a chance for you to be able to go online and see what you should be using. is the website. P.S. we have lots of great sales and I can send you some samples of different skin care if you would like.

Erin LFF said...

Ooooh girl, I'm terrible at taking care of my skin and I KNOW I need to do something about it, but I just don't. I have some random face wash generic brand that I remember to use like.... 1x a week! =\ That's about the extent of things over here!

Kayla MKOY said...

I've always had horrible skin. And it seems like something will work for me for a little while, then just stop. I'm not sure what to do as I don't wanna fork over hundreds of dollars for a prescription from a dermatologists boo! Being an adult can straight SUCK sometimes! Lol

Courtney B said...

Serum?? For skin? I use serum in my hair... wouldn't that be like wiping oil all over my skin? Yikes. I need to get educated on that, ha!
Have you ever used cetaphil moisturizing cream? Cream, not the lotion. That stuff is amazeballs for dry, flaking skin (seriously, it's the best!)

Ashley said...

I feel like I'm pretty decent at my skin care routine and I STILL have funky dryness. The lid of my left eye....I'm telling you!!

Kodi Jensen said...

I'm beauty blog/youtube obsessed and I'm not sure what the technical definition of a serum is either...but I do have a good, cheap moisturizer recommendation:
Smells clean and pleasant, comes in a GIANT tub that lasts forever, I got it in store for $5, and according to The Doctors the ingredients make it one of the best anti aging lotions out there. I'll take it!

Kelly Fulkerson said...

I absolutely love that you used pictures of both my favorite actress and favorite sitcom to get your points across. WINNING!


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