August 22, 2014

friday favorites

This week took an entire 5 weeks to end. Does that make sense in a not-dramatic-at-all kind of way? Holy Cud Chewing Cows, Friday, thanks for coming...finally. 

Now...let's get to the good stuff. The favorite stuff. The Friday favorite stuff. 

Favorite Recipe
Whatever Mellow Mushroom puts on/in their crust. For serious. We went there Wednesday night for their 40th birthday celebration and yum in my tum, that $2.50 (read: two fiddy) pizza was delicious. I kind of dislike myself for saying that when there's way better pizza places in Chawlston. But did I mention it was really good? And cheap? And it involved me not having to cook at all?

Favorite Timehop Picture
I always thought this app was so annoying. And then I downloaded it... and now I wake up, take out my retainer (nerd alert), and look at my timehop. 
No better way to wake up than this beauty. 7 years ago, thanks for not disowning us. 

Favorite Most Ridiculous Thing
So...I love Tone It Up and have been doing their workouts + running religiously since Februaryish/Marchish. Don't ask me what months those are. Anyways, home girl Katrina posted this picture with that caption.
Home girl Emily over here instantly turned into the crying laughing emoji because no. No one looks like that after running 5 miles. No one. They look like this:
Hashtag: selfie. Oh me gee. But really. You're welcome. 
Oh my goodness, I'm such a silly pants. That was what I looked like after 4 miles. That's why I never look glowingly beautiful after a run! Because I've never gotten up to 5 miles. Ahh, the great mystery of life has been solved. Moving on.

Favorite Thing That I Can Never Afford
This. sigh.

Favorite Future Thing
3 words: weekend anniversary celebrations.
We've got lots of small things planned. And some gifts. And some cake eating. And lots of other downtown restaurant eating. And I can't wait. 
This Friday of last year we were rehearsing for a wedding. No big deal. This Friday (read: today) we will be rehearsing our stomachs for an eating competition because of the amount of food that is going to be consumed. Or something like that.

Happy weekend!


Bhumi said...


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

oh my goodness when I lived in Raleigh, NC I LOVED mellow mushroom!! I haven't been in so long! Adore that dress girl- have a great weekend!! xoxo

Britton @ Southern Wife French Twist said...

I am insanely jealous of how you look after 5 miles of running!! After 1/2 a mile people ask if they need to call an ambulance for me. I wish I was joking! The joys of being a ginger and turning bright red whenever my heart rate increases even a remote amount.


Erin LFF said...

Oh my... that anthro dress! Maybe we can all pitch it for it together and then ship it to a new friend each month?! Thoughts....?

Have a wonderful anniversary weekend!!! :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Do you remember when I posted a pic on my blog of the AMAZING red floor length Anthro dress and someone joked about all pitching in and sharing it?? Funny Erin should mention that above....caaaause I'm totally serious about it ;)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! You and Freds (I hope he doesn't care I call him that) are freakin adorable and I love you!

Laura Darling said...

I am thinking that picture was taken before the run! If not, then I am doing something wrong because I never ever ever look like that after exercising!


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