September 3, 2014

currently: no sleep edition

This blog post, obviously. Oh, you want to know what I'm actually factually handwriting? That would be anything and everything in list form. My current lists include: groceries, outfit ideas (so cliche and girly. so what), ideas for packing (yes, we're moving to a new apartment), and other random to-do things like thank you notes and e-mails to parents. Phew. 

Remember ^^ up there when I said we are moving into a new apartment? I'm anticipating that. And decorating said new hardwood floored apartment. I'm in love. I mean, I see an IKEA trip needing to happen in the near future. I also see us needing to win the lottery before that IKEA trip. So yes, I am anticipating winning the lottery. 

Our friends, Paul and Brian (otherwise known as our wedding coordinator and videographer), were in town for Labor Day weekend and they showed us a good time. Isn't that backwards? They got us out and partying in the city. I haven't stayed up until 2am in awhile. I haven't stayed up until 2am 3 days in a row in a longer while. And if that picture of Brian partnering me in the middle of a dance club at 2am doesn't explain what fun we got into this weekend then I just don't know how to explain it. Read: lots of wine. 

Leotard and tights. Forever and always. Amen. 

Jeni's ice cream. Forever and always, again. I had it Sunday night and by Monday morning at 7:30 I was ready for more. I mean, my thought is if I'm going to run and exercise 6 days a week then I am totally allowed to eat ice cream every day (<<reason #35 why I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer).

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Kayla MKOY said...

Ah that dance club picture is too awesome!! Caleb and I are coming!!!! ;) that's so so exciting about the new apt!!!! Caleb and I are currently debating if we are going to sign a new lease or find a new place. Ack! Stress!!

Sarah Casterline said...

I use that same logic for ice cream. I ran a mile yesterday, so that means I get to eat some ice cream in reward for my hard work, right? Right???

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I miss tights and leotards!

Erin LFF said...

Yayyy! I love your new apartment already! I'm one of those weird people that enjoys moving to a new place. Just the fresh start, a new area to decorate/set-up. I'll be right down and meet you at Ikea, k?! ;)

Jenna Griffin said...

that picture of you and Brian is amazing! Wish I could do that!

Anne said...

I'm a big list maker too... pretty much the only thing I hand write these days - a good excuse for using my beloved Sharpies :) Also, YES and YES on the reasons for eating ice cream and the type of ice cream. Love both.

April said...

I found your blog through the Currently link up! Super cute!

I'm totally the same way with justifying sweets with an extra workout! It's perfect logic to me! And good luck on the move!


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