January 1, 2014

the lone picture: 2013 edition

2013 was the year I felt like a lost puppy. You know, the puppy frantically looking for home? For the mom or dad dog? The puppy who has no idea what is going on (don't worry, I was the lost puppy that didn't pee everywhere in fright). I thought that marrying Freds, moving to one of the prettiest towns in the country (I mean, the world!), and getting some fresh non-ATL air would kind of solve all of my problems. Surprise! It didn't. I am clueless as I ever have been as to what I want to do right now. Where our life should take us.
Surprise surprise, though! The marrying Freddie part? That part was pretty great/wonderful/fantastic/smart/amazing/all the other adjectives and synonyms for marvelous. Freddie told me last night that marrying me was/is the greatest thing he will ever do in his life. Which I then had to remind him that there's still a chance that he could cure cancer or something, so wait a few years to tell me that. Winky face.

But 2013 was also the year that I learned (more like, was reminded of...) the best life lesson: Nothing is more important than family.
Nothing. Period. The End. Between two of my grandparents dying this year, one of them happening just last week, and two weddings, my family got to be together way more frequently than most years. And it was a party every single time. Whether we were together mourning or celebrating, it was the best. So, no matter how lost or uncertain I sometimes all the time feel, family is always there. Always ready for hugs. Kisses. Laughs. Always like an eraser that can wipe the worries away.

My 2014 "goal?"
Find something I love doing and go for it.
Gag me, so cliche, right? Right. But it's not January 1 without some cheesy, cliche goals. Now give me some wine to go with these cheese.

I love teaching, but I hate (selfishly) that I'm not really dancing to any extent anymore.
I've been waiting to get certified in Pilates since 2009, but haven't yet.
Maybe in another 365 days I can say DONE and DONE, son.

This time last year I had no idea how much was about to change. Within 6 weeks of January 1, 2013, Freddie had not only interviewed and been offered a new job in Chucktown, he had moved and started said job. Within 4 months we were engaged. Within 8 months we were married and I was a Chucktown resident as well. How the effsicles am I supposed to sum up this year in one picture? (no, but really, does a picture collage count?)

Just me, Freddie, and the prettiest oak trees you ever did see hanging out in our new town.

Are you as surprised as I am that I didn't choose a wedding picture? I know, right?! But this picture, this picture from Chucktown, from near the water, with Freddiefriend when he was still just Freddiefriend and not Freddiefiance or Freddiehusband, this picture sums up this crazy, crazy year.

2014, thank the LAWD you are here.
Now, let's go not break some goals.


Kayla MKOY said...

I love how sweetly you talk about your amazing family. They truly are the most important! I'm so sorry to hear about the recent passing of a grandparent, its never easy, I'll be thinking of you! Happy New Years Emily!!!!

Helene in Between said...

love love it. y'all are cute.


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