January 28, 2014

a not so snow day

Hello, My name is Emily and I live in Charleston. I live less than 2 miles from the beach. And by beach, I'm not talking the "beach-y" part of town. I'm talking about toes in sand at the edge of the ocean beach. Chyeah, that's right down the street. Hashtag yolo...or something.
A 4 minute drive from our digs. Can ya dig it?

Charleston is expecting some crazy weather today and tomorrow. Please note: crazy weather for Charleston, South Carolina is considered a warm and mild day in any northern city. Which is exactly why I can never move more "north" than Charleston. My best friend is living in Ohio and she sends me the craziest pictures everyday. Snow! Shovels! Cars not starting! Negative temps! My Southern butt just doesn't get it. It rains here, occasionally. We have shovels for sand castles. The only reason my car might not start is because...I did something dumb like left a light on or something. And negative temps? Psh, I claim to be freezing in 40 degree weather. Yes, that sounds right. 40 something degrees is actually a freezing temperature in my book. Forget what they teach you in school. 32 degrees FEELS LIKE NEGATIVE FIVE. My body was just born knowing these things, I can't help it. 

When I got the word that my classes today are all cancelled after noon, I wondered to myself what does one in Charleston do on a "snow" day? Same as they would in Atlanta on a "snow" day, I'd imagine. Which led me to creating this list of things I will be doing during the snowbeachpocalypse. And yes, a snowbeachpocalypse is way more serious than an actual snowpocalypse where actual snow is involved. (because down here in the South, it really only ever rains. And ices. And rains. And ices. And stuff).

I plan to...

Wrap up in multiple layers all while cuddled under blankets. 
How ordinarily cliche of me and the cold weather. Whatever. Cliche rhymes with me and Emily so this is what we're doing. 
Layering includes (but is not limited to): Socks. Fleece lined leggings. Sweat pants. 1-2 long sleeved shirts. Jacket that zips up over my neck and can cover my ears.   Sweet baby Jesus. I'm just excited I won't have to wear a leotard in -5 degree weather. **Remember -5 really means 32 degrees on this here blog**
When the world's fashionistas compiled a list of clothes NOT to wear in the winter, I'm fairly certain leotards took the #1 spot. I mean they are like super warm when it's hot outside and you're dancing your patootie off. They are so like not warm when you are dancing in a big warehouse studio in freezing temperatures. 

Netflix the you-know-what outta some tv shows.
This one is hard for me to type as I am still in the early stages of denial with Dexter being over. It's not very fun going to Netflix, seeing Dexter, knowing I've already finished it, knowing there are no more episodes, and then trying to come up with something else to watch. I mean, come on Netflix. Could you please have 150,000 options instead of just 100,000?! Really throwing off my groove over here. 

Stock up on wine.
My explanation for this is...I've got a really large wine fridge that needs to be filled? Or I have a lot of wine glasses so I could drink a lot of wine without ever having to wash a glass? Or maybe drinking wine as it is "snowing" on the beach sounds like a fun thing to do. Take your pick. 
Snow on the tablecloth and "snow" outside? = a party inside.

Stock up on the most readily available holiday candy. 
Which happens to be Valentine's Day with a dash of some premature Easter candy. 
Ever had these babies?
I've had 'em. And by that I mean I have about half a bag a night. Which means I'll probably be averaging about half a bag per hour during the snowbeachpocalypse. 

Play the Wii.
For starters, a Wii is the best. No, I'm sorry. Nintendo 64 is the best. Wii is second best. Forget about all those fancy schmancy Xbox Ones and PS 4 or 44s or whatever they are on now. Those gaming systems only have shoot 'em up games and I despise playing shoot 'em up games. On the flip side, I do love me some singing, dancing, singing and dancing, and Mario games. All of which the Wii provides for me. So thank you, snow days, for giving me the chance to catch up to Freddie's level on all of the games. Side note: I married a gaming champion. I used to think I was good at Mario Party. Jokes on me. Ballerinas who spend 99% of their time dancing, .8% of their time eating and hanging out with friends, and .2% of their time playing video games with their siblings are not good at video games. 
Here's a picture of me asking Freddie to let me win just one single game during our lifelong marriage. He has yet to answer with a "Sure, schnookums. You should win this time."

I'm off to teach for a few hours. As long as I don't turn into an icicle when I go out the door in this -5 32ish degree weather. 
What do you like to do during snow days?
Real and/or fake Southern snow days count. 


Jenna Griffin said...

Hahaha, "stock up on wine". That sounds like the best idea. Luckily, we had some leftover from a party. I live in Atlanta and haven't been able to leave my house since yesterday afternoon. I may have to walk to the store for food soon...and wine. ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

Agree age agree! Girlfriend, me being in Ohio, I want to cry with jealousy that you have that amazing beach. EVERY SINGLE DAY this week my car hasn't started on the first try because the negative temps!! It's torture lol


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