January 24, 2014

the mysterious dial of the buttocks

My dad butt dialed me yesterday. I know what you're thinking.  Butt dialing? That is so 5 years of technology ago. I thought the same thing. Anyways, so I get this butt dial and I'm all like Hello? Hellooooo? Russell? Dad?? ::hang up and call back:: Because even when you're 99.9% sure it's a butt dial you still have to make sure that the other .10% is wrong and your dad isn't lying in a ditch and only able to reach out his finger far enough to tap your name on his contact list. 

I KNOW, I think everyone in my life is always in trouble. I have a problem. Whatever, I just finished the entire Dexter series so of course my brain is messed up. 

Sure enough, it was a butt dial. Or, as he described it, a thumb dial. Now a thumb dial is so not 5 years ago, but rather so this year. Ah, lovely touch screens. This thumb dial turned into a little 5 minute conversation. We talked about life. We about how my mom and sister were still in bed and living the life. We talked about how I should write a post explaining to people how to comment on said blog post since my stats claim people actually read my blog! They just don't know how to comment? Who knows (There's that tongue in cheekness again. Guuuuys, all jokes here). Anyways, this thumb dial turned into quite a nice little Thursday morning chat.
Thumb dials make us so happy we have to dance it out. 

Which leads me to say...2014, I vow to make more thumb dials this year. More thumb dials and less thumb texts (is that even a thing? Butt/thumb texts? I'm making it a thing. A thing of which I do less this year).

May you all have at least one good butt/thumb dial this weekend.
Please note: thumbs dials and drunk dials are not the same thing. Important clarification. 
Happy Weekend!


And So I Did said...

I was actually thinking about the lack of commenting on my blog too! My stats say they're reading, but I don't hear from many people. :((( Booooo!! Why they no comment? :(

Mar @ t.o. and fro said...

Haha Dexter totally did that to me too! That show is so twisted.

Alex[andra] said...

I'm so guilty of ONLY texting people. Which is probably why I've never thumb (or butt!) dialed someone. At least it was just your dad that thumb dialed you and not someone you wouldn't have wanted to talk to!

Kenzie S said...

I've accidentally called so many people! It's ridiculous ha ha. I always try to hang up the very second it starts calling in hopes that it doesn't show up that I tried calling.

Helene in Between said...

love that pic! and yes, i need to pick up the phone way more/

kodi_jo said...

OH MY GOODNESS I am the same way with thinking innocent things could possibly mean my loved ones are dead/dying/lying in a ditch. Happy to know I'm not alone!

Kayla MKOY said...

Don't you love those random, accidental phone calls...that make your day? :) love!

Ashley said...

Thumb dials are so this year...haha!! Very true. And I always do the same. There's that slight chance that it could be a ditch call (or a Taken call from under the bed) so I try to make sure.

I've actually noticed that with a lot of blogs lately (about the commenting). I think it's because people read it from their phones these days and it's just so hard to comment from those things. Maybe? I'm not sure...what are you thinking?


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