February 4, 2014

in with the new

You know those Price Is Right girls? The ones who are all dolled up and fancy-like just so they can stand by the prizes with their hands open as if people are actually following their fingertips to look at said prices and not looking at their gaw-geous selves?
Follow my fingers and look at the tree! Look at the tree!

Okay, now imagine one of those girls standing by your computer screen and showing off my new blog design.


A few important things of which to take note:
1- Erin is the b-e-s-t. Yes, I had to spell it out for you. Our conversations over designing went something like this: 
Me: um, blah blah, I want these really crazy specific things and then I will probably change my mind, but glitter! Yet, simplistic. But fun writing. But simplistic. But crazy awesome. In a simple way. 
Erin: Done! You need me to change things? No problem! You don't like? No problem! We can try a million things. 

Girlfriend can take the most vague and wordy description from a customer (me) and turn it into a masterpiece (this). She also has a Disney-like customer service attitude and will help with anything and everything. She also designed an awesome sign for my wedding. So...have you already opened up another tab and emailed her to design something yet? Get on it. 

*obligatory all thoughts and opinions are my own comment. 

2- I have a wedding page. You. Are. Welcome. Raise your hand if you don't immediately stalk a wedding tab as soon as you see its existence. Aaaaand no one raised their hand because everyone does it. Especially me. So as much as I resisted putting a tab up there, I decided to fuel the madness. Also, I'm still a "newlywed" and plan on sneaking wedding pictures into everything for a long while. Secret is out. 

3- A new About page had to happen because I am no longer a 20-something living in Atlanta. I am a 20-something living in Charleston. 24 something to be exact. 24.5 something to be exact exact. Whoa there, big changes. Seriously though, big changes! 

Man, makeovers are fun. Whether it be with makeup, new clothes, new stuff out in your house, updated technology, or even blog designs. Fun, fun, fun. Enjoy the makeover!

Your Price Is Right girl can exit stage R now.


Teresa said...

It looks so great!!! (:

Alexa said...

LOVE!!! Your design is so beautiful and YOU and I couldn't agree more that Erin is just a blog design genius with a penchant for Disney-esque awesome "customer" service! :)

Erin LFF said...

You are way too kind!!! ;) So glad you love the new look!

Helene in Between said...

LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD! and yes, erin is awesome :)

Kayla MKOY said...

EEEK love the new design. Homegirl is awesome ;)

MaryCaroline said...

The new design looks GREAT!


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