March 10, 2016

how to be me when dealing with phone cases

Wanna know what it's like to be me? It's pretty hard, so I hope you're ready.

In order to be me, you have to live by three very important life rules:
1) Always be vocal about things you do not like. The more vocal against these things, the better.
2) Always hide in shame when, 1 month-3 years after being vocal about said things you don't like, you suddenly like said things very much.
3) Be very picky. Choose one thing and stick with it forever. 

There ya have it. I know what I do or don't like (except when I change my mind 99% of the time), and I'm always picky. This obviously translates into all areas of my life. 

Example A: I used to make so much fun of cowboy boots. In fact, so much fun of is a phrase that does not accurately describe the level to which I was making fun of them. And now a pair lives in my closet and occasionally on my feet. Oops.

Example B: I refuse to eat anything that I have pre-determined is gross. My determining grossness of said food item usually has no merit in that I have not tried the food item ever. For whatever reason, I have decided it is gross. Freddie rolls his eyes at me, force-feeds me food, and then voila! I magically like eggplant. And broccoli. And cauliflower. And avocado. And...well, we would be here all day if I kept up this list. 

Example C: Five years ago I got a polka dot Kate Spade iPhone case. Black and white polka dots with a  pink border----I mean who would ever need another case in his or her life?! Not me. I bought that case to fit every upgrade of iPhone I've gotten in the past five years. Choose one thing and stick with it forever. 

Example C is the example to focus on here because I was recently contacted by CaseApp to customize my own case or skin for my device(s). You can take one of their pre-made designs and take it as is, or even add text or pictures to that. If that doesn't float your boat, you can even completely customize your case or skin by using your own picture(s). 

But, but,'s not my black and white polka dot/pink bordered Kate Spade phone case! 

That's right, it's not. 
It's even better. 
CaseApp case
I went with the Matching Mix pre-made design because hello? It makes me and my phone look way cooler than we actually are. If I learned anything in public education growing up, it's that you always have to look cooler than you are. CaseApp is helping me live out that lesson. 

Since my blog name has the whole word YIPPEE! in there I figured I needed to spruce up this cooler than cool case just a bit. There were so many quotes I could have added, but a simple Hooray! won because Hooray! Life is fun! We should be Hooray-ing at least once a day! Now I can Hooray every time I pick up my phone. Which, according to my husband, is a bajillion times a day. Hooray!
CaseApp case
Today (and every day...for the next seven days) CaseApp is offering 20% your order with the code ITSMLE20. Now go get yourself a non-polka dotted Kate Spade phone case. Trust me, it's time.

I was given this item in exchange for an honest review. 
And honestly, doesn't my phone look too cool for school now?


P!nky said...

Adorable case, lady!!!

TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

wow! that case is just, WOW AMAZING! So beautiful =)
have a great day =)

Kayla MKOY said...

Umm that case is the cutest case ever. You go girl!

Russ said...

That was a fabulous commercial!

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I'm pretty much the exact same way when it comes to food, and then my husband makes me try something and I love it! How do they always know? That's too funny that you had the exact same case for the past 5 years! It looks like your CaseApp case is pretty darn cute though!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I love it! So pretty. And so much better than I could ever customize/design on my own.

Anne said...

Haha I love this title. It's hard to be me too. And I have totally had to eat my words on avocado. And tomatoes. And all manner of thing. Love the fancy case!

Kaitlyn Sheehy said...

I love love that phone case!! I want!
x Kaitlyn


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